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Hamilton aiming to be carbon neutral


In the wake of the Japanese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton took to social media revealing despair at the lack of environmental awareness at a time Extinction Rebellion was dominating the headlines with its protests.

In some quarters the Briton was openly mocked, with critics asking how it was possible that a man who makes his living from driving racing cars all over the world could claim to be environmentally aware.

Indeed, critics pointed to his collection of supercars, his private jet and his seemingly never ending travels around the globe for interests other than F1.

Speaking at today's FIA press conference Hamilton defended his social media comments while insisting that he is already making serious efforts to reduce his carbon footprint and indeed aims to be carbon neutral by the end of the year.

"I was watching a documentary and it was just sad to see the things that we are kind of not aware of," he told reporters. "It inspired me to want to do more and reach out to those who perhaps don't know some of the things that are happening.

"I'm trying to make sure that by the end of the year I'm carbon neutral, " he continued. "I don't allow anyone in my office but also within my household to buy any plastics. I want everything recyclable down to deodorant, down to toothbrush, all these kinds of things.

"I'm trying to make as much change as I can in my personal space," he added. "I sold my plane over a year ago. I fly a lot less now, I try to fly less through the year and mostly fly commercial so that's been a big change in my habits. I've avoided trips as well if I don't need to do it, been in the UK for example with family and gone up to Bedfordshire and stayed with the family instead of gone on holiday.

"Obviously, I've changed my diet which is quite a drastic difference," he said.

The Briton revealed that he is also seeking to change attitudes at Mercedes and clothing partner Tommy Hilfiger.

"I work with the team who are also really pushing to be carbon neutral," he said. "For instance in the canteen, because there's a lot of plastics, you'll see here we have mostly just water which are bio-degradable bottles.

"Obviously I work with Tommy Hilfiger. Nearly 70% of all the clothes that I've done are sustainable: Either recycled fabrics or faux-leather, faux-suede and the goal is to have that 100%.

"At some point that will be 100% sustainable, hopefully in the next year or two. That's also encouraged Tommy Hilfiger who work in quite a damaging industry to also look into that and push that direction."

"If you look at our sport it's shifted from using a third less fuel now.

"There's more I think that Formula 1 can do," he added. "They are putting plans together but I think we have to push all the industries, we have to push Formula 1 to do more and I think they're giving us a proposal later on today for the plans they have in place and we'll do whatever we can to support that."

However, asked if he might consider a move to Formula E at some future point, the Briton was in no doubt, admitting that he had "no interest in Formula E whatsoever."

Check out our Thursday gallery from Mexico City, here.


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1. Posted by f1khun, 25/10/2019 0:47

"It's a good effort for Lewis. Better try to do then just do nothing.
Anyone who criticizes him for trying should have a long hard look in the mirror.

However, one should not forget that the "going green" and "carbon neutral' is not the same as "fighting global warming'. The planet has always iced up, melted, heated up, cooled down and iced up, since as far as we can see back. That, Global Warming, we cannot control.

What we can control is local pollution; plastic particles in water, exhaust smoke from cars but also any kind of factories. Waste disposal and, for example, heavy fuel burn by cargo ships and airplanes. I do agree that Hydrogen is the answer, especially in ships and airplanes, but also in our local energy needs.

Too bad that political agenda's and ignorance do not always lead us (fast enough) to the right way. People like Lewis, and actually F1 in general, should step up more to fight for a better, more livable and less polluted, planet. They have a huge global reach.

I am sure that Hydrogen will be a great contributor in this context. A step into the future must be made anyway. Hydrogen can be used to propel combustion engines, so F1 doesn't have to follow F.E. at all.

Now we need people that will make this happen. People like you and me. Do not wait for the politicians to decide, they have their own agenda :-) "

Rating: Positive (2)     Rate comment: Positive | NegativeReport this comment

2. Posted by Lakota, 25/10/2019 0:00

"Kudos to you Mr Hamilton. Now if half of the private jets in F1 would go away , that would be a start "

Rating: Negative (-1)     Rate comment: Positive | NegativeReport this comment

3. Posted by Mambo, 24/10/2019 21:35

"Hamilton is one of the few VERY successful UK sportspeople. He is to be congratulated on his eco stance – and for having no interest in Formula E as battery powered vehicles are hopelessly ungreen.

If only folks – especially politicians – would realise the horrors which go into mining the precious elements making up a battery, the awful conditions under which the miners work, the enormous number of miles batteries travel from manufacturing source to car plant to dealerships, the short life of batteries (in comparison with an internal combustion engine) and their weight. Hydrogen power is THE sensible alternative."

Rating: Positive (3)     Rate comment: Positive | NegativeReport this comment

4. Posted by Paolo, 24/10/2019 20:47

"Lewis and Megan would make the perfect couple Mr & Mrs Self Righteous let us pray for the day they both disappear from the public eye."

Rating: Neutral (0)     Rate comment: Positive | NegativeReport this comment

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