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Porsche must accept Red Bull culture, warns Horner


As speculation over Porsche's return to F1 continues, Christian Horner warns that any potential partner must accept the Red Bull culture.

Explaining why Volkswagen was seeking to enter F1 with two of its most iconic brands seemingly set to fight against one another, Audi chairman, Markus Deusmann merely raised more questions than he answered.

While Audi is understood to be looking at purchasing a 75% stake in Sauber, it has been rumoured that Porsche is looking to partner with Red Bull, with claims of the German manufacturer buying a 50% stake.

Rather than giving insight into the potential deal, Christian Horner has constantly appeared to pour cold water on the tie-up, and speaking in Zandvoort he seemed determined to point out the obstacles to such a deal.

Essentially, while open to a partnership, Red Bull wants to remain as independent as ever technically, commercially and in terms of its corporate approach.

"They need to decide whether they want to join that party or not," he told Sky Sports{/}. "It would have to be, as I say, within that culture of the way that we go racing.

"Red Bull has always been an independent team," he continued. "It's been one of our strengths, it's been the backbone of what we've achieved and our ability to move quickly. It's part of the DNA of who we are.

"We're not a corporately operated organisation," he added, "and that is one of our strengths in how we operate as a race team. That is an absolute prerequisite for the future.

"Any relationship with any manufacturer or partners would have to fit with Red Bull," he warned. "We've got this new chapter, an exciting new chapter that we're heading into on the powertrain side of the business. We've got some phenomenal talent that has joined the company. We're in good shape.

"Time will tell whether we embrace a partner into that programme or, as the plan is at present, continue on our own."

Check out our Saturday gallery from Zandvoort here.


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1. Posted by Endre, 03/09/2022 23:03

"I don't see this deal happening, although anything is possible in F1. Why would RB give controlling stake to Porche when they have spent so many years (not to mention investment) building a winning team? Their new engine division is fully staffed with some big names, with no real need for anything from Porche. Also, Honda must be stirring the pot as probably they would not be happy with technology transfer to Porche, which would inevitably happen. Maybe they did not care much before, but now that they are considering a comeback, it is a different story. "

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2. Posted by ARL, 03/09/2022 11:11

"So Christian suggests that Red Bull would take Porsche's money for an equal stake in the operation and then let them have zero say in how the team is run? Basically "shut up and sit in the corner."

If Dieter wants the money, I don't rate Christian's chances in the new world of 2026.

As has been said, Renault may have some advice on the topic of living with Red Bull culture - RB win & engine suppliers lose races.

Meantime Red Bull Powertrains are presumably spending the "new engine supplier" cost cap in developing an engine that may appear as Red Bull/Porsche/Honda - or is that money going into developing this year's car by the back door? Answers on an accounting pad to the FIA."

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3. Posted by Max Noble, 03/09/2022 10:46

"This is set to be a classic. Cannot imagine the behind closed doors conversations, coupled with the endless mirth, and laugh out loud moments which are the 10,001 ways these tie-ups make the cost cap a joke. Golden Fleece…? Christian and the Argonauts…! :-)"

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4. Posted by Spindoctor, 03/09/2022 9:19

"The whole saga is about questions - my guess is that the (nonexistent?) Corporate part of RBR might want to sell-out, but that the "Executive" arm (Manager, designers etc.) want to keep going.

Playing hard to get? Or maybe were Porsche to take a large (majority?) stake Horner might find himself out?
RBR may be "independent" but Dietrich Mateschitz owns the Team &, not to put too fine a point on't he's getting on a bit. Maybe he wants to get rid?

This saga will definitely make the DTS cut, but not until there's a bit more blood on the metaphorical carpet."

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5. Posted by Mad Matt, 03/09/2022 8:47

"Looking at the way Red Bull treated Renault, even when they were winning, I suggest Porsche look elsewhere.... or perhaps Porsche are wise to the problem and want Christian out and this is his response....."

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