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Talking of mugging, we thought we'd make our readers privy to an e-mail exchange that took place earlier this week.

It's not all puff, the fact is that despite a rocky beginning - do you remember that clunking old ColdFusion monstrosity back in 2002/2003 - Pitpass has established itself as the leading fully independent F1 news website.

Now we're not saying we always got it right, far from it, but we tried. Where others went for sensationalism, hype and outright PR, we sought to stick to facts and honesty. If it was a rumour we said so.

More than anything, we wanted to get at the truth behind the stories that affected our sport. Also, while not wanting to force opinion on our readers we did want to get them thinking.

In Abu Dhabi, a well known inhabitant of the paddock told Mat Coch: "Pitpass is the most feared (F1) site on the internet." He also said that Pitpass doesn't dance to the same tune, and how people come into his office and say 'have you seen Pitpass', and he never knows what to expect.

We know from our correspondence with them - all of it remaining off the record as promised - that this goes to the very top of the sport, we are respected and trusted.

However, every now and then something happens which shakes your faith in a sport you have followed through thick and thin, in my case since the mid-1960s. You ask yourself, 'is this where my sport is really heading', 'is this what it's really all about'.

We don't want to cause embarrassment to any one in particular, after all, they were no doubt acting on orders. Then again, where have we heard that line before?

Anyway, on Wednesday morning, bright and early, we received the following:

I have two favours to ask:

1: Please, take out all GP2 and GP3 logos from your website: unless FOM authorised it, you are not allowed to use them... You could be in trouble

2: I am very surprised that you did not use Bruno Michel's interview regarding GP3. Could you please reconsider and find a bit of space for it? Thanks a lot in advance.

Our immediate response was:

We thought that by using the logos and linking directly to the official sites we were playing exactly by the rules - after all, what do we gain.

Every day I get a little more sick of this sport.

Their follow up:

I am sorry about this. It's not our rules... Logos belong to FOM and it is part of my job to make sure that logos are used properly. I know you only meant well.

What about Bruno's interview?

Our response:

I know it's not you. I fully understand.


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