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Canada GP: Thursday Press Conference


Christian, tell us about not racing.
Christian Klien: It is not so interesting than racing a car. It was a bit of a difficult time for me, a bit frustrating to step back and to be third driver, but I knew in the beginning of the year that me and Vitantonio (Liuzzi) would share the car and that was the case for the last four races. I am really looking forward to it, I am happy to be in the car again and try to do a good job now.

But the team seems to have Scott Speed, Vitantonio, David Coulthard, and it is almost as if there is two teams there really.
CK: Yeah, we have too many drivers! Yeah, Scott is driving this weekend, it will be his first time in a Formula One car during a race weekend and I think he will have a lot of fun and it will be a great weekend for him. But yeah, for me it is the most important thing to actually be back in the car and I focus on that.

Does a driver look over his shoulder and think, ooh, there is a lot of people queuing up behind me.
CK: You could think about it all the time but I focus on what I do, I try to do the best job I can do, try to be quick in the car, try to impress the people around me and the people in the paddock and see that I am quick and I cannot do more than that.

Has it been a surprise how competitive the team has been this year?
CK: Absolutely. I think we were also surprised at the beginning of the season how strong we are. For sure, it will get more difficult during the season because the bigger teams can develop the car more than us, but we saw at the Nurburgring that we are still competitive and with a bit of luck we can both drive in the points and I hope we can get some points this weekend.

These two races you think you can be as competitive?
CK: I think so, yeah. I mean, I was still in the car, I did third driver in the Friday tests, so I saw how quick I am relative to the other drivers, I was quite quick in testing, so I am pretty confident that I can go back in the car and be quick again and, for sure, try to beat my team-mate and be in front of him.

Jacques, here we are, back at home with you. One thing I noticed at a press conference yesterday is that it was mentioned you have a contract for next year, so you still have a year and a half's worth of contract. Can you just clarify that?
Jacques Villeneuve: It has always been the case. It is not a surprise. That's what was said last year, that's what was said in winter, and that was what was said for the last few months, yes.

So the rumours about you perhaps being replaced, they have got to overcome that first?
JV: Well, rumours are part of everyday racing. There have always been a lot of rumours. I have no idea where it comes from, but I guess it is easy to make rumours because there have been rumours about people getting more involved in the team and, who knows, with money people think they can start buying anything out, so I guess that is where the rumours started.

What is needed for you to get back into the top ten?
JV: We just need to go faster to get into the top ten. There is nothing else we can do. We had a good step in Imola and it looks like we got it right and most other people got it wrong and that suited us. The other track where we were competitive was Monaco and that was it. At the beginning of the season we hadn't been very competitive and the car is not difficult to drive, it is quite neutral, but it is just not fast enough on the lap time.

You had a big test at Monza last week, has that provided some encouragement?
JV: Not really, no. The car was working fine, but once again not fast enough.

So, what are your thoughts about these two races?
JV: I have no idea what to expect. There is new asphalt here, which will be a surprise for everyone, and it is just a matter of getting it right. When there is new asphalt like that you need to luck-in a little bit and that could work out for us. Also, if the tyres are on the limit, like Monaco, that suits us because we are quite easy on our tyres so that is what I am hoping for.

That's the only thing you can hope for is it?
JV: Yeah, when you are not fast what can help you is rain, because that balances everything.

Do you feel there is anything missing in yourself?
JV: No, not at all.

That part of it is perfect?
JV: You always improve. There is always room for improvement and to learn and that happens with work. But right now there is not much we can do with the car. We are where we are and that's about it.

Rubens, a good result at the Nurburgring. Was that an encouragement for you?
Rubens Barrichello: Yeah, I think so. We knew the car was going to go quite well in the race, there was a weak point in qualifying as we saw for both cars, then as the race developed I had quite a good chance, because I almost always had the track open for me, so I was able to push and use the three stops, so that was quite nice.


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