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Chadwick heads to IndyCar


Andretti Autosport has signed three-time W Series champion Jamie Chadwick for the 2023 INDY NXT by Firestone season.

Chadwick will make her American racing series debut in the No.28 DHL Andretti Autosport Dallara and become the first female in 13 years to compete full-time in the INDY NXT Championship.

The move must be seen as somewhat embarrassing for F1 which, despite constantly talking about it, hasn't fielded a female racer in three decades, and is currently refusing to take Andretti's bid to enter the sport equally seriously.

DHL will serve as primary sponsor of Chadwick's entry, partnering with Andretti Autosport and the youngster to grow the company's long-standing partnership with the team, dating from 2010.

The British racing driver joined the all-female free-to-enter W Series in its inaugural season in 2019 and achieved two race victories and three podium finishes, which saw her win the championship.

She continued her positive trajectory, claiming the 2021 and 2022 title while continuing as a member of the Williams Driver Academy.

DHL and Andretti Autosport, a pioneer in driver development, see this new signing of the first confirmed female in the Indy championship as an important part of continuing to support the development of young talent, particularly in the male-dominated environment of racing.

"Andretti Autosport is proud to be supporting Jamie alongside DHL for the 2023 INDY NXT season," said Michael Andretti. "Jamie's successful career speaks for itself, but the INDY NXT series gives Jamie the opportunity to continue her development in a new type of racing. DHL is a long-standing team partner; we are happy to welcome them to the INDY NXT series and excited to welcome Jamie to the team. We've turned out five INDY NXT Champions over the years and look forward to continuing our role in developing new talent."

"DHL is excited to expand its sponsorship with Andretti and partner with Jamie Chadwick as she takes the next progressive step in her motorsports career," added Mike Parra, CEO, DHL Express, Americas. "As the World's No.1 Best Workplace for the second consecutive year, DHL is committed to creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds and to filling roles that challenge gender stereotypes. Jamie is a fantastic example of inclusion and women empowerment within motorsports, and we are confident that through this new partnership, we will further build upon our shared values and platform of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging."

"I'm hugely excited to be joining Andretti Autosport for the 2023 INDY NXT season with DHL," said Chadwick. "My aim is always to challenge myself and continue my progression as a driver and this represents not only a big step up, but also a big step towards my goal of competing in the highest categories of single-seater racing. Andretti Autosport's standing in the sport is second to none and I hope to bring more success to such a prestigious team. I can't wait to get started."

Chadwick's first race will be on the streets of St Petersburg, Florida, for the season opener on March 3-5. She joins Andretti team-mates Hunter McElrea (No.27 Dallara) and Louis Foster (No.26 Dallara), and becomes Andretti's second full-time female driver alongside Catie Munnings who competes for Andretti United Extreme E.


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1. Posted by Chester, 08/12/2022 19:30

"Yes, another reason, besides close racing to watch IndyCar. Danica was enjoyable to watch and easy on the eye. Good luck to you Jamie! I watched you win a W race in Austin in 2021! Bravo! And PS, there is nothing wrong with being a sexy female- and playing it up. You can have it all, Jamie."

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2. Posted by givememychoice, 07/12/2022 10:45

"@ffracer - i did wonder if he would be raised. He was younger though, he had done well in karting, moved up to formula renault and properly dominated. In an age of more testing, it was more feasible to take a kid and have a punt to see what they were like. The fact is he then beat diniz by half a second. He hadnt done quite a few different series and been poor in most. He had only done 23 car races by the time he reached f1, but had won 57% of those.
If we ignore the formula w results, then really, you are left with 2 good weekends in formula 2000, and 1 win in 89 formula regional level races.

I believe that women can reach the pinnacle of motorsport. Michele Mouton remains an idol of mine.

But, i also believe that there are various reasons for them not reaching so high.
Less women are interested in cars from an early age. Different viewpoints as to why this occurs.
This lessens the pool significantly of available people.
There is a physical aspect to it, which genetically, men have an advantage for.
Misogyny. Yeah, without doubt there is a fair amount of it, but at the same time, there are lots of people who would promote on the basis of being female.

The pinnacle of motorsport is inherently limited to a few. There have been many very good drivers who have failed to get a chance. I dont want to see somebody parachuted in simply because of their sex. (I appreciate it is and always has been possible to buy your way in to f1 so its not a full meritocratic system)

@elsie. I dont think thats relevant. Driving is not pure. Its politics/advertising. And sure, there are more people who would like to see a scantily clad danica than mansell (nigel). Are you saying daniel ric or mark webber didnt have any photos for the ladies?"

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3. Posted by ffracer, 06/12/2022 17:29

"@elsiebc: Please do not take my opinions as insulting or rude(my rants will soon invoke Pitpass mod(s?) to impose character limits, I only wish I will be more eloquent and concise like most on here), everyone on here has my respect to their opinion. We are one on here, having a conversation.

We were talking about Jamie Chadwick and how ironic it was F1 to go on and on about equality and diversity, the W series, spending millions, certain teams ad nauseum about their academies, budgets on protege programs on testing/sim work, and in F2 and F3, teams going on about Jamie Chadwick's talent and getting her a drive .... ultimately, for Andretti, persona non gratis in the F1 team owner club house, to step up. These teams spend more, earmarking portions of their budgets for FIA penalties lol than an apparent protege's F2 campaign. It took Andretti to stick it to them. Brilliant.

As for insulting you, sincere apologies. But googling Danica, why don't we google Kimi hammered on a yacht or James.. Hunt for his -ahem- prowess in the bedroom/paddock/hallway lol. Why? They were all colourful, their closest circles and two of them are F1 world champions. Danica probably had microphones thrust in her face 24/7/365 whereas the other two could leave it at the track.

I'll leave you with this so we can all have a laugh together : Watkins Glen 2006 and Indycar is in town. My friends and I are literally sheltering then Indy Lights hotshoe Scott Mansell lolol ( incredible talent, aka Driver 61 on Youtube, should have made it, one of the good guys, etc etc ) The poor guy had just crashed (uber expensively) out of a prominent lead and joined our scrum because he was afraid to go back to his team trailer, no joke. Were just chilling and then the trackspeakers spark to life, reminding all of the upcoming autograph session. We all look over to the Indycar driver autograph lines. Most driver's lines were 15-30 people deep, superstars lines were maybe 100... Danica's seemed like it ran half way round the perimeter of the Watkins Glen Intl compound. I, in a "pop" induced state, turn to Scott and say "You need to get a sponsor like that". We all laughed. The line of screaming fans, the endless local, national and intl media thrust in her face all weekend wasn't because of her title sponsor.... I don't think anyone knew how big she'd be but that constant relentless pressure/presence was too much then."

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4. Posted by elsiebc, 06/12/2022 15:23

"Just google images of Danica. Then pick any male driver, current or past. If you want to play the part of the girl taking it to the boys, then go ahead. Wear the pink helmet and high heeled driving shoes. Play it up. But if you want to lecture me about how you want to be judged evenly, not as a girl but as a driver, then you insult my intelligence with such promotional stunts. What can I say, some guys evidently don't mind such insults.

But to all you Jamie Chadwick supporters out there, would you be so passionate about that person's abilities/talents if the name was James?


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5. Posted by ffracer, 06/12/2022 14:59

"When? Kimi Raikkonen. Formula Renault 2.0 to Sauber F1. First F1 race: 6th at Australia. Phenomenal...

But we're not talking about that. Chadwick left Europe / Williams/ Mercedes because there was no chance of F1... yet. Besides, she is going to drive in the support series to IndyCar (cross between F2 and F3?)"

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6. Posted by givememychoice, 06/12/2022 14:29

"Have I missed something? Jamie should have been considered for the williams seat?
Ignore her genitalia. When has a 24 year old ever gone from Formula Regional (between f3 and f4) straight to an F1 race seat. Sure, she has done more than enough to escalate up to F3 or similar.
I get that people are keen for women to do well, and i genuinely wish her well, but so far I have seen absolutely nothing that makes me think she is remotely there, indeed, there is stuff that makes me suspect she definitely doesnt have it. And it worries me about promoting somebody simply because they are female, because it means that when they do badly, they become a "well, thats why we dont have women in"."

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7. Posted by ffracer, 06/12/2022 6:25

"@ max noble, thank you. To be acknowledged when there are far more insightful posters in this forum is the ultimate compliment.

If I can go further, and what I failed to mention earlier, Andretti signing another genuine female talent isn't a novelty and should be celebrated... and while I'm able to dream, thanks to Indycar and visionaries like Andretti - In a perfect world - I would have loved F1 or Indycar to have signed the late, great Sabine Schmitz. Could you imagine if Indycar harnessed that fury lol?! Her youtube video, driving a flipping panel van 15/10s around Nurburgring, and complete with her colourful, hilarious commentary, is absolutely legendary! Ok, close your eyes and you almost imagine hearing her cursing as she passed people on the outside, putting many to shame lolol? Our loss.

@elsiebc: like @kenji, I am not going to comment on what media was tasteful but I certainly wouldn't condemn her or ignore her career for it. I am commenting on her driving and that is precisely the reason that Danica should be celebrated. She was an intense force, on and off the track, literally punching above her weight and she posted some impressive feats, trying to appease everybody along the way. Society is very hypocritical. Condemning her for dressing like a model or her commercials would be like condemning fire fighters posing for calendars, scantily clad actresses on the red carpet in the name of 'couture', media influencers or flipping beauty pageants. Please, most of us couldn't handle this smoldering cauldron of today's media influence. Condemning Danica when most could never walk a block, let alone a mile, in her shoes. For a moment, imagine having to sift through that mosh pit of chauvinism and while having contend with the sharp condescending female diatribe, all the while under the world's microscope trying to just do what she absolutely loved, and like any other driver, since karting: driving on the absolute edge every lap and then gnawing on your arm waiting for the next chance to drive. Her whole career was like this. How do I know this? I witnessed heard some of the "mosh pit" crap first-hand ... when she kicked my butt on track (FF, Skip Barber) the very few times I raced against her and I've since told my kids how proud I am because of it lolol. My only regret is not having bigger attachments or "ahem, differences", as you put it, to have gone into her team trailer and have asked her out! Yeah, like I would've had a chance lol...


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8. Posted by kenji, 06/12/2022 0:21

"@ Elsiebc....and long may those differences'' remain supreme Can't comment on her sponsor ads. but she brings a freshness and erudite driving comments that are not 'partisan' like the cringeworthy comments that dominate the current crop of Sky discussions."

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9. Posted by elsiebc, 05/12/2022 16:03

"And when it comes to Danica: Yes, I thought she did a great job commentating (and looked good doing it). Her comments were insightful much unlike Sky's recent diversity hire. I did not follow her career though because I don't care to hear about how you're the same as men when your sponsor ads and publicity spots are all about showing off your, ahem, differences."

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10. Posted by elsiebc, 05/12/2022 15:49

"So none of these multi million (billion?) dollar companies are going to sign a top driver talent because she's a girl and none of the marketing departments of the lower teams will cash in on the headline generating action because, well, she's a girl. Got it.
Oh, and in your next breath tell me again about how money grubbing these outfits are."

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11. Posted by alvarezh3, 05/12/2022 8:05

"@ Kenji

Danika was also @ Miami, remember the intro on the heli ride?

She's always welcomed....... specially when she's wearing her mini skirts! ;-)"

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12. Posted by kenji, 05/12/2022 1:35

"Seeing as Danica Patrick got a mention I would like to add that I thought that as a guest commentator at COTA and Mexico, that she contributed a welcome change with her 'educated driver punditry' a great change to the bluster and 'boofie' propounded by the Hill/Herbert dance hall routine which is well past it's use by date. I'd welcome more of her exposure to the F1 team in the future. "

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13. Posted by Max Noble, 04/12/2022 4:18

"@ffracer -wonderfully informative musing… let’s see what actually happens… :-)"

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14. Posted by ffracer, 03/12/2022 6:00

"Great conversation, agree with all the positive Chadwick comments here... here's my two cents. In short, Danica Patrick, Simona De Silvestro and Jamie Chadwick are all cut from the same cloth and I can't wait to see Chadwick light it up.

Danica Patrick: couldn't stand all the Danica hate and wish she didn't finish her career in the Nascar quicksand, like so many others. Say what you want about polarizing Danica but she does have three important achievements that so many Indy drivers don't: After all the karting championships and all the hate then, she finished third in the ultimate driver's test, the Formula Ford Festival for God's sake, no only got Pole for the Indy 500 but almost almost won an edition of the 500, won an Indycar oval race with Andretti and Honda(yes, there was an element of luck but I don't care. Some never taste the champagne because the luck wore out. How many races ( ahem championships), in the history of racing, were decided on the last lap? There was a time when she was quick in Indycar and Andretti Autosport can difinitely sort out an Indycar... just wished she had chosen a different path, not Nascar. So many careers destroyed in stockcars, heck even one of my ultimate drivers, Kimi Raikonnen, still can't figure American stockcars out yet! Too, too many variables there.

Simona De Silvestro: got a chance to test when she was testing a lower formula car and there was a buzz about the young Swiss phenom then... Anyone, and I mean anyone, that had the chance to see her pedal an Indycar (Indy 500 winner Indy champ Tony Kanaan paid her the highest compliment, full stop.) To add insult to injury, was happy to see her get signed up by Sauber F1, read the good hype from engineers after a test... and then nothing. Yeah. Always wished she got a chance to drive a Ganassi entry, in her prime in Indycar. Think it would've been a good fit.

Wish Jamie Chadwick all the best, I think the driver-rich Mercedes F1 (not enough chairs over there) and these deplorable current F1 testing parameters put paid to her chances, glad she called time and a career move to the U.S. is a brilliant move and much needed fresh start for her. Before we count chickens, I hope that all the stars align for her (always need the luck) and she gets to reap the most from this new start. Yes, Andretti is a winning Indy team that has worked with these other great female drivers above and, hell yeah, a link to the Jenner Kardashians will be awesome (her media presence alone will be mad if she can start putting in strong performances) but she still needs all the other pieces to this puzzle: a nurturing crew chief and brilliant strategist from Santa this Christmas (budget lol) that will compliment her chances... together with Lady Luck."

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15. Posted by RobMartin, 03/12/2022 5:58

"@Defiant I'm really surprised that there wasn't any talk of her taking the Williams seat. Not sure she even had a timely test session to see if she could hold her own. Exactly as you say, imagine the coverage/sponsorship etc of being the team to field the first female driver. If nothing else would surely be worth millions to Williams and they have little to lose. "

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