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Career Problems Solved! Use Practice Tests to Pass Your Microsoft MS-101 Exam and Become Certified Enterprise Administrator


Are you interested in the IT industry and want to get an enterprise administrator job but having trouble with achieving it?

Believe it or not, the career difficulties you are facing are familiar to lots of other candidates too. And if you have a strong aim to overcome any of them - you are in the right place. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common issues that prevent you from succeeding in your professional life. And moreover, we'll provide you with the best solution to solve them.

Most Frequent Career Problems in IT

IT may be a vast field with many job opportunities but of course, everything can't be so simple. Many people face a lot of problems when trying to get employed, some of them are:

Failing to stand out at interviews

This happens very often because there are a lot of candidates coming in for an interview with the same basic qualifications.

Not getting hired

This is a result of not being noticed or not having the competencies the hiring manager was looking for.

Low salary

Everybody says that IT positions are lucrative but none of them add that this sphere also requires lots of skills - having a normal level of expertise will only get you an average or minimum pay.

Not competent enough to get work done

Sometimes even though you get hired you might find that you are not knowledgeable enough to get the job done.

No promotions

After getting hired, your next goal would be to get promoted. But no matter how hard you work you might not be seeing any signs of moving up on the career ladder and be wondering why this happens that way.

Job security

Even if you are hired, you might be constantly worried that you will be replaced when newer technologies that require more skills appear.

This list looks quite wide but you don't have to worry about any of those problems anymore because we have a solution for you - obtaining a certification. It can prove your possession of skills to whomever it may concern. But not all credentials can solve the rest of your problems, you need to choose the one from a trusted and recognized vendor. And Microsoft will be there for you.

You may know of Practice Test due to its products, but in addition to them, it also acts as a renowned certification provider. Their badges cover numerous technologies including Microsoft 365. So, further, we'll observe Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert credential and you'll see that it can solve all the problems listed above.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

This certification proves your expertise in Microsoft 365 mobility, identity, services, and security. It gives you the skills required to accomplish all the tasks expected of you as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator. To earn it, you will have to pass two mandatory exams: MS-100 along with MS-101 by code. Also, don't forget about prerequisites that include possessing one of the 6 badges of the associate or expert level. You can find the whole list on the Microsoft website, but now, let's find out more about test MS-101.

Exam Overview

Exam MS-101 will assess your skills in Microsoft 365 mobility and security. These elements require very high priority when it comes to an increasingly connected field like IT.

The questions asked will be based on the following topics:

• How to implement services in modern devices?

• How to implement security and threat management in Microsoft 365?

• How to manage governance and compliance in Microsoft 365?

This test will give you 40-60 questions to be answered within 150 minutes. The type of items will not be limited to ExamSnap MS-101, so you will have to watch out for that. Although it looks like you'll have enough time to complete all the tasks, remember that this is an expert-level credential and the questions will be tough. So, the only thing that will help is good preparation. Let's see how to build it effectively.

Preparing for MS-101: Resources and Crucial Details

To prepare for MS-101, you can first follow a 5-day training course provided by Microsoft to get the syllabus covered. It will be very useful since the experts that will guide you have years of experience, and they know exactly what you need to ace the exam successfully.

It's also recommended that you use external resources like books and videos to polish what you learned and understand the principles that you find hard to grasp at once. You can refer to YouTube to get access to a wide range of free video tutorials and visit Amazon for study guides.

Another important aspect you need to pay attention to is hands-on experience. By training with Microsoft products in the lab environment, you can understand the theories you learn more clearly. Also, you might come across a few problems to which you will have to find solutions, thereby educating yourself. That is what makes this one of the best learning methods.

After getting a solid foundation, you should take some practice tests that contain real exam questions like the ones from ExamSnap. This will help you get a proper idea about the exam structure so that you won't waste time trying to figure it out at the actual assessment. And if you do as many mock tests as you can, it will help you remember and recall the concepts much more easily. Notice, that ExamSnap offers you free vce files to try this method as well as the most recent and validated Premium Bundle of training materials. All these files can be used in the VCE Software which is one more benefit for you as you'll get familiar with exam infrastructure and features beforehand.


Getting Microsoft certified is a proven method to alleviate all kinds of career problems you may have. If you have enough experience and want to develop in the Microsoft 365 technology, the mentioned credential is the best choice for you. Now you know how to prepare for its MS-101 test in the right way to avoid difficulties. So, register for the exam, download practice tests, gather other recommended resources, and don't delay your success!


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