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Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed the various banners on the site referring to our 'fan survey'.

This is an initiative Pitpass has been working on for some time, having seen the response to previous efforts elsewhere.

A quick look at any of our 'Talking Points', 'Readers Rants' or our forum, indeed any F1 related forum, soon tells you that many race fans are unhappy with the direction the sport is taking.

Let me make it clear from the outset, there is very little we can do to change things, however, rest assured that if you tell us Spa and Silverstone are your favourite tracks we will not axe them from the calendar. Furthermore, many of those involved in the sport read Pitpass and will take notice, your voice really will be heard.

The questions are not designed in such a way that we get the answers we want, nor is it merely our intention to get your e-mail address on our database in order that we can sell you magazines, video clips and ringtones.

The 45 questions consist of straightforward statements relating to F1, where it is and where it is going, all you have to do is say whether you agree or not, and to what degree.

In order that you can fully consider your answers, we give you them in advance, consequently you can think long and hard before completing the survey, after all, we want the results to accurately reflect how you feel about the sport.

This is your opportunity to "make yourself heard" to say what you really think about contemporary Formula One.

Pitpass is the leading fully independent website, we are not linked with a major (or minor) publisher nor are we aligned to a broadcaster or sponsor. We want your answers for the sport's benefit, for your benefit, not ours.

We will require your name and e-mail address but this is only to ensure that we can vouch for the accuracy and integrity of the survey. We can assure you that your details will not be passed on to a third-party or used for commercial purposes.

In order that the survey is an accurate reflection of those that take part, on completion you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify your participation. Simply click to verify and that's it, job done.

The survey will be on-line for four weeks, until November 1st, in order that you can think long and hard about your responses. This also means that our server should not be overloaded as fans try to voice their view, however, if the server is busy when you try, come back later... but do come back.

As an added incentive to participation - as if telling Planet Paddock what you really think of the sport isn't enough! - our friends at Amalgam are supplying a 1:4 scale Ferrari steering wheel and a 1:12 Spyker nosecone.

We will pick two survey respondents entirely at random, and one will receive the steering wheel and the other the nosecone.

Don't sit there week after week complaining about the sport, this is your chance to tell the powers that be what you really think, don't waste it.

To check out the Pitpass Formula 1 Survey, click here

Chris Balfe

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Published: 09/10/2007
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