FIA confirms ban on 2026 aero testing


The FIA has confirmed that it has banned teams from aero testing for the 2026 season even though the regulations haven't been finalised.

Following the recent meeting of the F1 Commission it has been agreed that the teams cannot undertake any windtunnel or CFD work until 1 January 2025.

In a move witnessed ahead of the 2022 regulations overhaul the 2023 regs have been amended after the end of the season to ensure the 2026 ban, with a similar change to the 2024 rules.

"In order to prevent testing which aims to develop for the 2026 season, from 1/12/2023 until 1/1/2025 inclusive, RWTT (restricted wind tunnel testing) may only be carried out using a scale model that substantially complies with the 2023, 2024 or 2025 F1 technical regulations," reads the amended regulation.

"With the exception of dyno testing aimed to develop brake system components with minimal air ducting and provided such tests do not concurrently test (or in any way provide incidental data or knowledge on) the performance or endurance of parts or systems classified as bodywork, no wind tunnel testing may be carried out using car geometry partially or wholly compliant with and/or substantially derived from drafts and/or published versions of the 2026 F1 technical regulations or FIA proposed 2026 bodywork geometries and concepts."

The change will not affect preliminary research and development for 2026 covered by the aerodynamic testing restriction rules.

Other changes that have been agreed include the scrapping of the alternative tyre allocation (ATT), while the number of days permitted for Pirelli tyre testing has increased from 35 to 40.

In addition, following the inconclusive test at Silverstone in the summer, a further four days have been set aside for the testing of means to reduce spray in wet conditions.

Finally, the notification for a standing start is now just one minute, whereas it was previously two, while the pitlane opening time before a race is reduced from 50 minutes to 40.

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Published: 10/12/2023
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