Imola targets 'extra' race


With the 2022 event cancelled due to devastating flooding in the region, organisers at Imola are seeking an extension to their current contract.

Currently, the Italian track, which was brought back on to the schedule during the pandemic, has a contract until 2025, but Imola president Gian Carlo Minardi, admits that he is hoping to extend this in order to make up for this year's lost event.

"We ourselves were very lucky that the circuit did not suffer any damage," he tells RacingNews365, "but the same is not true for the rest of the region. For example, in Faenza, they suffered a lot of damage at the time and this had a great impact on the local population.

"We immediately tried to give a lot of support during that period, with different foundations that we have, with people who are passionate racers," he continues.

"The people we worked with I am still very grateful. Together we have been able to help and support many people in the region. This is still needed because there are many businesses that have suffered so much damage that they have not even opened. Therefore, it is only gradually becoming clear what the real damage is for the people and the region and it is very great. We hope that we can help the people.

Having successfully held a race in 2020, Imola was retained on the calendar replacing the cancelled Chinese Grand Prix, and earlier this year is was announced that the contract, due to expire after May's event, had been extended until 2025.

With this year's race not being rescheduled, Minardi is hoping that the contract can be extended for another year.

"We hope for an 'extra' Grand Prix in the future," he says. "For now we have a contract until 2025, but we would very much like to organise the GP also in 2026. That way we would be able to give something back to the region together because it keeps a lot of money from an F1 race.

"For the region, we are talking about an annual €270 million that comes in thanks to the F1 race, so thus the race gives a big boost to the region, in which the Italian Motor Valley has also established itself.

"Next year is going to be an incredibly busy year for us, because, for example, the World Endurance Championship will also race at our circuit. It will be so busy that we are already working very hard for the races that will take place at the circuit next year. We are passionate and organise everything as perfectly as possible, and for this very reason we are already preparing for the next big events."

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Published: 22/08/2023
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