Vital that Red Bull deals with aero penalty, warns Horner


With a 10% reduction in aero testing forming part of its budget cap misdemeanour penalty, Christian Horner admits that Bahrain result was vital.

Along with a $7m fine for exceeding the budget, the Austrian team was hit with a 10% reduction in aero testing, namely windtunnel and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

While this is bad enough in itself, it is in addition to the reduction the team was already facing as a result of the handicap system introduced in 2021.

Under the system, Red Bull was entitled to 70% of the agreed baseline this year, however, with the 10% penalty this becomes 63% compared to Ferrari's 75% and Mercedes 80%. Williams, on the other hand, which finished tenth last season, is allowed 115%.

With this in mind, Horner admits that a strong start to its campaign was vital.

"For the first race of the year, to bring them home as we did with the handicap of the wind tunnel time and everything else, I think the team has done an amazing job," he said.

"To have this as a starting point, of course, we've now got to be efficient in our development moving forward," he added.

Though we have only had one race, it won't be too long before attention turns to 2024, while the team will also need time in hand should it need to react to a significant improvement from its rivals.

"You have to view it over a 12-month period," said Horner. "It's not just this year's car, it's next year's.

"I think the really positive thing for us is that we're not dealing with a fundamental issue that soaks up that resource and time," he continued.

"It was vital for us to be able to cope with our penalty to have a solid starting point," he admitted. "I think that's what the team have done a great job in achieving."

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Published: 10/03/2023
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