Drivers against qualifying revamp


Drivers have voiced their unease at a change to the qualifying format which is to be trialled at two races this year.

For those outside the UK that might not have seen it, we present the official Sky Sports promo for the 2023 F1 season.

Naturally, it is the broadcaster's - and Liberty's - dream of what the sport should be.

Fans of all ages watch open mouthed as the drivers battle it out on what can only be described as a Hot Wheels track in the middle of some anonymous city... at night, natch.

A loop-de-loop allows the combatants to prove the old adage about the aero efficiency of the cars correct, they really can race on the ceiling.

And despite what we witnessed in Bahrain last weekend, in this race a Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari race three abreast, much to the delight of the roaring crowd... though for once Christian Horner and Toto Wolff are silent.

The soundtrack to this exciting spectacle is Elvis Presley's A Little Less Conversation, somewhat ironic considering the amount of waffle fans are subjected to most weekends.

This is clearly the dream and though the Hot Wheels layout may be a few years down the line, the sport's powers that be continue to tinker with the rules in the hope of getting... A Little More Action.

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As first reported a year ago, a new qualifying format is to be trialled this year. Though it has not been confirmed at which tracks, it is widely thought that Imola, which hosts the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix will be one of them.

The format is quite simple. In Q1 drivers will only be allowed to use the C1 compound. In Q2 they can only use the C2, while in Q3, well... you get the picture.

The drivers are not in favour.

"I hope it's not going to be cold in Imola," warned Max Verstappen, "otherwise it's going to be quite tricky.

"It’s the same for everyone," he added, "but I don't think we need to actually do these kinds of things in qualifying. I don't really see the benefit of it.

"It's better if we make sure that all the cars are close to each other and more competitive instead of spicing things up in that way, which I think is probably for the show."

"Yeah, it's for the show," added teammate Sergio Perez. "I think we don't need that when you see the qualifying we had, how close everything was.

"We do not really need to change anything," he added. "But we'll see, we'll see once we try it but I don't think there's a need to change something that is working well.

"I don't feel there was a need for change," agreed Charles Leclerc, "but let's try and see."

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Published: 07/03/2023
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