"Incredible," says Horner of whopping '23 entry fee


"I didn't realise how much we had to pay the FIA," admits Christian Horner as Red Bull literally pays the price for success.

Along with the prestige, winning the world championship means an eye-watering financial hit in terms of entry to the following season's grid.

For 2023 each team is liable to a $617,687 (502k) flat fee, plus a further $6,174 (5,027) per point won in the 2022 Constructors' Championship. However, in terms of the championship winners this rises to $7,411 (6,034) per point.

Based on the consumer price index, the 2023 entry fees see an increase on this year which saw the basic fee at $572,278, with (champions) Mercedes paying $6,925 for each of its 613.5 points and the rest $5,770.

In total therefore, Red Bull pays $6,242,636 (5.08m) - just slightly under the $7m it was fined for its budget cap breach - while runner-up Ferrari pays $4,038,083 (3.3m).

Mercedes pays $3,797,297 (3.1m), Alpine $1,685,789.00 (1.4m), McLaren $1,593,179 (1.3m), Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin $957,257 (780k), Haas $846,125 (688k), AlphaTauri $833,777 (678k) and Williams $654,731 (532k).

"I didn't realise how much we had to pay the FIA for the points," admitted Christian Horner at Friday's FIA Awards Gala. "I got the bill the other day, it was incredible."

The 2023 Sporting Regulations dictate that the fees had to be paid on Friday (10 December).

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Published: 14/12/2022
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