Hungaroring reveals plans for upgrades


With European tracks under increased threat, Hungaroring boss, Zsolt Gyulay has revealed plans to upgrade the circuit's facilities

The news comes as the circuit reveals that race day tickets for 2023 event, the 38th since Hungary joined the schedule in 1986, have already sold-out.

The first step in the circuit's so-called strategic development programme will be to upgrade the utilities, with a new entrance, headquarters and customer area which will "reflect the high standard of the facility" along with the upgrading of the water and electricity networks.

"I took over the management of Hungaroring in 2010," says Gyulay, "and we have been waiting for this moment practically since then.

"Of course, we did not rest on our laurels," he continues, "our track has undergone a number of renovations, we have worked continuously to meet the new safety requirements, we have built a debris fence, we have maintained the grandstands and in 2016 we resurfaced the entire track line, or more precisely, we replaced the top, so-called wearing course.

"However, looking at the happenings in Formula 1 and the new tracks that are coming in, this could not be enough, and it really is the last moment to start work.

"We can see that among the many "one-size-fits-all" tracks there is an increasing value for traditional venues like the Hungarian one, and the proximity of Budapest will always be an incredible attraction for the Hungaroring.

"Yet, we should not overlook that the infrastructure of the new circuits grants a much higher level of service than ours," he admits. "Thanks to the strategic development programme, we will be able to compete with them in reasonable time, which will allow us to keep the Formula 1 series here and thus draw attention to our country and our beautiful capital year after year.

"The interest in Formula 1 is amazing, it is a great pleasure for the Hungaroring that the weekend and Sunday tickets have been sold at such a pace, because it shows that not only the drivers, but also the fans love our track.

"The numbers for the 2022 (race) proved it: on Sunday 100,000 spectators watched the action on-site (290,000 fans over the four days), and the Hungaroring was sold out already in April. Now that date has been brought forward to December."

The circuit's current contract runs until, and including, 2027.

Worth noting that with the cancelation of the Chinese Grand Prix, despite the fact that F1 is slowly losing interest in Europe it is Portugal that the sport is likely to turn to in order to fill the gap, much like it - and various others - did during the pandemic.

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Published: 08/12/2022
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