"No reason why we should change," insists Binotto


Despite another strategic blunder, Ferrari boss, Mattia Binotto insists that his team is learning and building experience and that there is no need for change at Maranello.

Quite whether his words will go down well with the tifosi, the Italian media or even his drivers, remains to be seen, but amidst calls for a significant shake-up, Binotto insists that all is well.

As it happens, the Piastri pantomime is taking some of the heat off the situation, but the fact remains that Sunday witnessed yet another own goal from Ferrari, which, rather than targeting both titles, is now under pressure to hold off a charging Mercedes.

"I'm frustrated no doubt, even if I'm maybe not showing it too much, but I'm certainly frustrated," he admitted to Channel 4. "Because I know what is the potential of the car, what it has been so far, even if today it's the first time in the first half of the season that the car was not so great.

"It's not a matter of bad luck," he insisted, "and there is nothing to change as well. It's always a matter of continuous learning and building, building experience, building skills.

"Certainly there is something that you need to look at and understand why," he admitted. "But if I look again at the balance of the first half of the season, there is no reason why we should change.

"I think we simply need to address what was wrong, we need to understand, and then to address and get back competitive at the 12 races so far and the reason why it could not be the case at the next one."

On Sunday it was the team that failed its drivers, while a week earlier it was Charles Leclerc who threw away almost certain victory in France with a needless mistake.

"As a leader, he is key to continue building, building for the team and building for himself step by step, and I think to look at each single race as an opportunity to win.

"We are winning and losing altogether," he added. "Today it has not been a great one, but I think there is still much potential and a lot of potential. We need to focus first to understand the reasons, address them, and come back even stronger."

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Published: 04/08/2022
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