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How can a musician further improve his position on Spotify? With more frequent uploads? Or more catchy music?

In the latest years, Spotify promotion for artist was the only opportunity to significantly improve the situation without making drastic changes to a lifestyle and music creation schedule. What do you think about it? Are you interested to learn more? Let's play detectives for a while and examine a criminal case.

Big, gray house in the city center. You get on the top floor, enter a flat, and see a lifeless body. It has no sex, just the body. By that furniture and decorations, you understand that person was a music creator. Why and how did this death occur? Was it because of a faulty gas pipe? Or because of an electric shock from a guitar? The answer is far more subtle - the inability to become popular.

How can we make these assumptions? Based on what? Easy - the person has left their Spotify account open. And judging by the number of uploaded tracks and received coverage, the person wasn't happy with the results. In the mailbox, we see hundreds of letters from music promotion companies that were willing to help in this battle against Spotify algorithms. But not a single letter was read. The conclusion is obvious at this point.

Surely it was a hypothetical scenario, but if you really don't want your career to end up like this, you need to invest in music promotion. The algorithms on Spotify are great, but they sometimes can't supply musicians with the amount of coverage they need. They simply fail miserably when it comes to sophisticated promotion. And the only thing that can save you from misery and the dark pit of despair - Spotify music promotion for artists.

This inexpensive solution has become the number one go-to for every creator on Spotify, suffering from being ignored. If algorithms are ignoring you, shoving you on the last shelves, somewhere dark when no one can see you and hear your creativity - that is the signal to start promoting your music! Like a bat signal in the sky it entitles you to respond, to spend some cash on high-quality promotion. Because only with high-quality services can you really succeed.

This will not be a surprise for anyone, but music promotion is on the rise right now. Services are getting cheaper while providing higher and higher quality and quantities. Delivery time is now so little that you can start multiple promotion campaigns in one week and still get decent results from each one. One week can change your life with modern Spotify promotion. Isn't it great? And as it's already said, the price is laughable. What's stopping you?

If it is your mom saying that music promotion isn't real, then you need to explain how each dollar she gives you can help your career ascend. You must convince her and yourself of the talent and perspectives that you have. You, in the first place, must be a true believer. A believer in your fame! With this article, life is giving you a push, a friendly reminder that you still have options. It is your choice to use or ignore it. Make the right choice!

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Published: 04/07/2022
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