"It wasn't too hard," says Gasly of Hamilton battle


"I would not say easy, but it wasn't too hard," says Pierre Gasly of 44 lap game of cat and mouse with Lewis Hamilton.

Even in the midst of a fairly processional race it seemed odd to hear professional racing drivers - albeit now better known for their punditry - call for the race director to enable the use of DRS.

Once approval was given however, on Lap 35, it merely meant that said pundits and commentators would get themselves worked up in a 'will he, won't he' frenzy any time drivers headed into Tamburello.

By the time DRS was finally enabled, Lewis Hamilton had been staring into Pierre Gasly's tailpipe for 16 laps... sadly, even with its enabling the seven-time world champion was unable to make a move on the AlphaTauri.

"It was probably the only thing that happened the whole race," said the Frenchman. "He was stuck behind me, I was stuck behind the (Albon) car, and that car was stuck with the car ahead... it was just a train.

"So it wasn't a particularly exciting race and quite frustrating," he admitted. "Even with the DRS, we were not able to make it round and try to set ourselves up for a move.

"We know when you have a bad qualifying, we made a mistake in qualifying, and when you start from the back, it's always extremely difficult. And I think we paid the price this weekend," he added.

Asked if it was easy holding off the seven-time champ, he replied: "I would not say easy... but it wasn't too hard.

"Unfortunately for him he always gets stuck behind me on tracks where it's extremely hard to pass," he added, recalling last year's Monaco Grand Prix.

"But I think I was as frustrated as he was, you know? Just for whatever reason, even with the DRS, this year was very tough to pass here."

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Published: 26/04/2022
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