Perez and Alonso enjoy Supercar outings


Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso both enjoyed their Supercar outings on Thursday, if only for the fact it gave them a sneak peek at the changes to the Albert Park circuit.

"I was surprised by the amount of rolling the car has, just on the straights," said the Jeddah pole-man, who drove the Red Bull Ampol Racing outfit's spare Commodore.

"It was rolling quite a bit," he admitted, "so I was getting used to that sensation... but the braking was the biggest challenge out there.

"The braking efficiency, cornering, the corner speed is quite different," he continued. "But also, it's good fun the amount of kerb you are able to take. In Formula 1 you are very limited with that and here you pretty much are able to use the whole track.

"It's quite tricky," he admitted. "It was quite an experience, but it was really good fun."

Asked about the revised track layout, he replied: It was very cool, very nice... I'm looking forward to driving it tomorrow in the Formula 1 car."

"It's between a GT3 and a NASCAR," said two-time world champion, Fernando Alonso, who drove Thomas Randle's Ford Mustang.

"It's heavier and softer on the corners," he added, "but then you feel the power, the V8, and the noise is amazing. It's good fun, because the cars a very similar to each other on the grid, they are only separated by one second - so I've heard - and with 25 cars, that's amazing."

Asked if he foresaw a possible future in Supercars, Alonso, who has tried various other disciplines, most notably WEC and IndyCar in pursuit of the 'Triple Crown', replied: "Who knows?

"There are a couple of amazing races here, Bathurst being the most popular one," he continued. "It's not in the short-term plan, but you never say never."

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Published: 07/04/2022
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