Test line-up for Barcelona


Ahead of the opening three-day test, only Ferrari and Alpine have yet to confirm their line-ups.

Though the Bahrain test has the official title, having no doubt paid handsomely for the privilege, this week's test is crucial as the drivers get to grips with the new regulations... and 18-inch tyres.

Lap times won't be important but rather the amount of laps, as teams seek to concentrate on reliability.

The data acquired this week will be invaluable ahead of the 'official' test in Bahrain, which takes place just one week before the season opener, which is followed a week later by the second Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

While there is talk of sandbagging this is unlikely to be the case, for with the focus on reliability outright pace won't be an issue until Bahrain.

One thing F1 bosses will be hoping for however is an early clue as to whether the aero regulations overhaul has impacted the whole issue of dirty air, and whether cars will not be able to follow one another more closely.

Team Wed 23 Thu 24 FRi 25
Mercedes Russel/Hamilton TBC TBC
Red Bull Verstappen Perez Verstappen/Perez
McLaren Norris Ricciardo Norris/Ricciardo
AlphaTauri Tsunoda Gasly Gasly/Tsunoda
Aston Martin Vettel/Stroll Stroll/Vettel Vettel/Stroll
Williams Latifi/Albon Albon/Latifi Latifi/Albon
Alfa Romeo Kubica/Bottas Bottas/Zhou Zhou/Bottas
Haas Maz/Schu Schu/Maz Maz/Schu

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Published: 22/02/2022
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