Verstappen believes he's treated differently


Ahead of the season finale, as he reflects on a controversial Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen feels his is treated unfairly by race stewards.

Scheduled to face title rival Lewis Hamilton at the official FIA press conference today - which Sky has deemed to televise live in a rare move - Red Bull organised its own press conference for Max Verstappen in order for the youngster to get certain things off his chest.

Clearly unhappy with the events at Jeddah, and a number of previous races, Verstappen told the media at Yas Marina that he feels he is treated differently, unfairly, in comparison to other drivers.

In particular, looking back at Jeddah, he is miffed that other drivers missed Turn 2, but he appeared to be singled out for the move.

"For me I was not wrong and clearly only I was wrong somehow, because other people do exactly the same thing and get nothing," he said.

"Both of us we were outside of the track, outside of the white line into Turn 1, and yeah, somehow they judged that it was my fault which I don't agree with.

"Also the other penalty as well, I don't agree with,", he added, referring to the infamous brake test, "and then afterwards he pushes me off track, he even looks at me, and just doesn't turn in, and just pushes me outside of the white line, the track edge, and he only gets a warning for that.

"Definitely it is not how it should be and also not fair because it seems other drivers can do different things and only seems like I get a penalty."

Mindful of last week's penalties, and the fact that Michael Masi has already warned drivers to heed the International Sporting Code, when asked if he would approach this weekend differently, Verstappen replied: "The only thing I ask is that it's fair for everyone but clearly that's not the case for the moment.

"Like I said, I don't feel like I was wrong and clearly it is not wrong for others, so why should I then change while for others it's allowed to race like that? I think everyone should be allowed to race like that."

Asked if his attitude towards Hamilton has changed over the course of the season, the youngster was in no doubt. "Yes very much, and not in a positive way," he replied.

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Published: 09/12/2021
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