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Aware of the potential for fireworks this weekend, Michael Masi has reminded drivers of the International Sporting Code.

With many fearing (hoping?) that this weekend's season finale could end in tears, in a rare move, race director, Michael Masi has used his pre-even notes to warm drivers of the International Sporting Code, which deals with unsporting conduct and the potential threat of points being deducted.

Along with the usual notices in terms of track limits, which this weekend apply at Turns 7, 15 and 16, all competitors and drivers are reminded of the various requirements detailed in the FIA International Sporting Code.

"In particular I would like to remind you of the following articles detailed below," writes Masi.

29.2 Article 9.15.1

"The Competitor shall be responsible for all acts or omissions on the part of any person taking part in, or providing a service in connection with, a Competition or a Championship on their behalf, including in particular their employees, direct or indirect, their Drivers, mechanics, consultants, service providers, or passengers, as well as any person to whom the Competitor has allowed access 6/6 to the Reserved Areas."

29.3 Article 12.2.1 - Breach of Rules and in particular Article 12.2.1.l

"Any infringement of the principles of fairness in Competition, behaviour in an unsportsmanlike manner or attempt to influence the result of a Competition in a way that is contrary to sporting ethics."

29.4 Article 12.4.5

"For all the FIA Championships, cups, challenges, trophies or series, the stewards may also decide to impose the following penalties: Suspension for one or more Competitions, withdrawal of points for the Championship, cup, challenge, trophy, series."

29.5 Article 12.4.5.a

"Points should not be deducted separately from Drivers and Competitors, save in exceptional circumstances."

With title protagonists Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton having clashed three times already this season, Masi is aware of the potential for another as the 2021 championship comes to a knife-edge close.

While there have been years when the title deciding season finale was uneventful, or at least clean, all too many remember 1994 and 1997, when Michael Schumacher was involved in clashes with Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve respectively.

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Published: 09/12/2021
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