Pirelli warned teams about going the distance


Pirelli's Mario Isola has revealed that a number of teams were warned not to attempt going the full race distance on one set of tyres in Turkey.

With the rule being that in such conditions drivers are not compelled to make a stop, the Italian manufacturer feared that some might try to go the full race on which they started.

As it happened, only three drivers tried to do so, but even then two of them finally opted to pit, leaving Esteban Ocon as the only driver to do the full race on one set, though the Frenchman subsequently admitted that he is doubtful his tyres would have lasted another lap.

"Following the wet conditions in Saturday's free practice, we had wet weather from start to finish of the grand prix," said Isola. "However, this was never heavy rain that required the full wets: instead it was perfect territory for the intermediates, which showed themselves to be very well-suited to a wide range of changing wet conditions.

"The drivers who changed their tyres in the final stages of the race found a slightly drier track, leading to a bit more graining," he continued. "Those stopping earlier were able to limit graining on a wetter track, and this was a key advantage in the intermittent rain conditions.

"Bottas ran the perfect strategy under the demanding circumstances: a one-stopper with two runs on the intermediates.

"Many other drivers delayed their pit stop, because it wasn't clear to what extent the track would dry out before the end of the race, perhaps even allowing a final run on the slicks.

"Going for the whole race on the intermediates though was not what we would advise, and in fact we alerted some teams to the potential risk of doing that," he admitted.

"Nonetheless, the performance of the intermediates was very strong here, without a single driver retiring despite the slippery conditions over all 58 laps."

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Published: 11/10/2021
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