"We mustn't get carried away," insists Seidl


Revelling in McLaren's first win since Brazil 2012, Andreas Seidl keeps his feet firmly on the ground and insists that the team mustn't get carried away.

Winning the Italian Grand Prix was one thing, but finishing first and second quite another, as McLaren celebrated victory number 183.

As the sparkling wine flowed it was easy to forget how long it had been since we'd last seen the Woking outfit atop the podium, easy to forget those nightmare years with Honda... a phrase we never thought we'd be writing back in the late 80s and early 90s.

However, without waiting to take the shine off the moment, the fact is that even yesterday's win only gives the Woking outfit a 14 point advantage as it battles its old 'enemy' Ferrari for third in the standings, battling with the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull a distant dream.

Speaking in the wake of a famous victory, a race won on merit not luck, as Daniel Ricciardo and the team prepared to party, team boss, Andreas Seidl was the epitome of Germanic calm.

"I'm happy and proud of the team today," he said. "I'm very proud of every single member of the team back home, here at the track, colleagues at Mercedes and Lando and Daniel.

"There was a lot of pressure today," he admitted, "because we knew that we had a good car and we knew also that if we managed to stay ahead of one or the other car at the beginning or managed to overtake that there's actually a chance to do something big.

"The team is doing sensational work with sensational spirit as well," he continued, "and it's great to see that it's step-by-step paying off.

"At the same time, no reason to get carried away. It's important to celebrate today but we shouldn't forget one week ago we got destroyed. We still have a lot of work to do, but the direction is the right one."

"Extremely, extremely proud," added Zak Brown, who did look ready to party, having already begun the celebrations by taking part in the shoey ceremony.

"It's all the men and women at McLaren, Andreas, our leadership team.

"I'm just happy I cut one deal with Andreas," he added, "I cut deals with the drivers - but Andreas and I actually cut the deal - which is that he gets all the work and gets the win, but I get to lift the trophy. One of the best deals I cut! I'm always up for a deal."

Referring to Seidl's calmness, he said: "Andreas is always very, very calm, which is great. I mean that's the kind of leadership you want in a Formula 1 team.

"As he says one win and last weekend wasn't very good so I think we have to keep our feet on the ground. And one win at a time."

"We know, Lando has had a sensational season so far," said Seidl, "while Daniel struggled with integration, getting used to our car at the beginning. But there's a reason that we wanted to get him on board, he's a proven racer and he's one of the best ones in the sport and it's great to see now after the break that it's coming together, and to pull off a weekend like this is obviously great for us.

"We needed that, the battle we're in with Ferrari, on our journey to get back to the front in Formula 1. Very happy with both drivers, what they did.

"And to see how the team delivered under pressure was impressive for me, so very happy with that. There'll be some big celebrations tonight because these moments, you have to celebrate properly."

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Published: 13/09/2021
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