British GP: Driver Tyre Strategies


Details of each driver's tyre strategy during the Pirelli British Grand Prix.

Driver Team Start Stint 2 Stint 3 Stint 4
Hamilton Mercedes UM UM NH
Leclerc Ferrari NM NM NH
Bottas Mercedes UM NM NH
Norris McLaren NM NH
Ricciardo McLaren NM NH
Sainz Ferrari NM NM NH
Alonso Alpine NM UM NH
Stroll Aston Martin UM UM UH
Ocon Alpine NM NM NH
Tsunoda AlphaTauri NM NH
Gasly AlphaTauri NM NH NS
Russell Williams NM NM NH
Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo NM NM NH
Latifi Williams NM NM NH
Raikkonen Alfa Romeo NM NM NH
Perez Red Bull NH NM NM US
Mazepin Haas UM UM NH
Schumacher Haas UM UM NH
Vettel Aston Martin UM UH
Verstappen Red Bull NM

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Production 2004 - Present
Type Petrol/Diesel 66
Price AUD 29,640 – AUD 49,100
Engine(s) 2.0 L Beta II I4, 2.7 L Delta V6 & 2.0 L D CRDi I4
Fuel Capacity 16.4 gallons (62.08 litres)
Mileage (Petrol) Hwy/City 12 kmpl/9.8 kmpl
Mileage (Diesel) Hwy/City 14 kmpl/11 kmpl
Horsepower 164 hp
Displacement 1999 cc
0-60 mph 8.6 sec
Top Speed 188 kph

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Published: 18/07/2021
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