Marko hits out at "stupid" track limits


As Max Verstappen once again falls foul of the track limits regulations, Helmut Marko says something has to change, describing the rules as "stupid".

In the final moments of the race, Max Verstappen, having seen Valtteri Bottas make a late 'free' stop for fresh rubber in a bid to grab fastest lap, also opted to pit, aware that the extra point could come in handy later in the year.

While Bottas posted the fastest lap on the penultimate lap of the race, Verstappen went even quicker next time around and thereby grabbed the point.

Moments later however, the time was deleted, as the Red Bull driver was adjudged to have exceeded the limits at Turn 14. Consequently the honour - and point - for fastest lap went to Bottas and Mercedes.

Marko didn't take it well. After all, the previous day exceeding the track limits had cost his driver a certain pole position, while in Bahrain, having passed Lewis Hamilton for the lead, Verstappen had to hand the position back after being adjudged as going wide.

"Now we've lost the victory, fastest lap, and pole position," Marko told Sky Sports Germany after the race.

"All good things come in threes," he continued, "I just hope that's the end of it.

"Something has to change," he said of the way in which track limits are currently being delay with. "Either you make a boundary with kerbs or you make gravel or something, so, if you go out there's an automatic penalty."

The Austrian also pointed to the seeming inconsistency of the rules.

"Norris overtook Perez, went over with all four wheels, and there were no consequences," he said. "So it's not consistent; that's not racing when you juggle the rules like that."

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Published: 03/05/2021
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