"I'm there for business," warns Ricciardo


Daniel Ricciardo makes clear that he has no intention of becoming F1's go-to comedy double-act with Lando Norris, as he warns that he heading to Woking "for business".

Though he can always be relied upon to bring a smile to proceedings, over the years Daniel Ricciardo has proved with his on-track performances that he is no class clown.

On the back of a particularly strong second season at Renault, the French team is going to miss the Australian as much as Red Bull came to.

Partnered with another of the sport's current crop of 'nice guys', Lando Norris, F1 bosses, the media and fans are anticipating non-stop hijinks over the course of the season, as the Woking double-act brings some much needed fun back to the sport.

Not so, insists Ricciardo.

"It's something I want to reiterate to everyone watching, and every fan of McLaren in particular, it's not going to be a comedy show," the Australian told Sky Sports.

"I'm going there for business, I'm going there to improve the car," he added.

"My personality won't change," he assured fans, "I do enjoy doing what I do, but I'm certainly not going there to be this meme power couple or whatever it's described as these days."

Indeed, the Australian's comedic talents are the last thing on McLaren technical boss, James Key's mind as the Woking outfit welcomes the 7-time Grand Prix winner.

"It's great to have Dan on board," he told the F1 Nation podcast, "and having worked with him in the past (at Toro Rosso), I know he'll bring new and different opinions and ways of working to the team, which will be welcome.

"What always impressed me with Daniel is this massive amount of determination he has," he continued, "particularly when he's driving. You can really feel and see that. You listen to his radio messages when he's driving, and he's a very different character to when he's out of the car and relaxed.

"He's incredibly determined when he's racing, and I think that, with his experience and his confidence and what he can do, now that he's a genuine well-established race winner. I think all of that will bring good confidence to the team, and a slightly different kind of aspect to how we see certain things with the car technically as well. He'll bring good knowledge in for that.

"He'll bring a lighter, sort of jovial touch as well in some cases," he added. "He's a great character out of the car as well as in, but he'll bring a great deal of experience and a huge amount of determination."

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Published: 27/01/2021
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