New diffuser completes Ferrari updates


Ferrari's Head of Performance Development, Enrico Cardile reveals that there will be further updates to the SF1000 in Portugal, mainly to the diffuser.

"We already introduced a few small modifications to the car's aero package in Sochi and added others at the Nurburgring," says Cardile, who hails from Arezzo. "In Portimao we will have a further update, mainly to the diffuser, completing the programme set out over the past few months."

Asked what the team is expecting from the complete package, he admits: "The most important thing is to get confirmation that our development is on the right track.

"Indications from the past few Grands Prix are positive," he continues, "and we hope the same will apply this weekend.

"We have to consider that, more than ever this year, development is aimed at the following season," he admits. "All the same, we still expect to see a performance improvement with the SF1000: it would be very useful to at least find ourselves heading the group of cars and drivers currently fighting within just a few tenths for places four and lower.

"Only a couple of times this year have we been able to fight for a place in the sun on the second or third row and our aim between now and December is to be consistently fighting for those places. But then, precisely because this part of the grid is so close, it takes hardly anything to find yourself fourth or twelfth, but that's all part of the game."

Currently sixth in the standings on 80 points, Ferrari is 40 points down on third-placed Racing Point, with McLaren on 116 and Renault on 114.

Asked what areas offer the greatest chance of improving performance in 2021, Cardile says: "With the proviso that each team has its own design philosophy, our belief is that the rear end offers the biggest margin for improvement. I say that not just because it's the area of the car where pretty significant changes have been introduced in the technical regulations, but also we believe that because of the way our car is laid out, we could really make significant progress.

"That's why we've decided to spend our two tokens allowed in the rules, in this very area. Because next year, it will not be permitted to modify all the basic components of the car, but only some and the FIA sets a token allocation for each of them, with all teams having two tokens available."

However, there will be further limitations on the number of hours that can be spent testing in the wind tunnel.

"That's correct, which meant the work we are doing now is even more important. It is essential that we know the concepts we are working on now are the right one, so as not to lose time in 2021.

"From next year on, the number of hours available will be in inverse proportion to a team's position in the previous year's constructors' classification: the higher placed you are, the less time you are given.

"The difference won't be huge, but in Formula 1, each minute of testing, be it on track, on the test bed or in the wind tunnel, is precious.

"However, I'm not joking when I say our aim is to make up ground this year. When we look at the standings, seeing ourselves down in sixth place hurts and we are well aware that it is not a position worthy of Ferrari. We absolutely want to improve, for us and for our fans who still support us with passion, even at difficult times like the ones we are going through now."

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Published: 21/10/2020
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