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While the madness of Monza gave Ross Brawn the opportunity to renew the push for reverse grids, the Nurburgring mist may have also played into F1's bosses hands in terms of the push for two-day race weekend.

No running on Friday – due to the fact that the medical helicopter could not take off - meant that all that remained was the sole practice session on Saturday morning and then straight into qualifying a couple of hours later, exactly the same format the sport is using at Imola next month.

While there has been talk of one practice session not being enough, especially at a track F1 hasn't visited for years, Saturday passed without a single glitch. Indeed, the three quickest drivers felt it worked perfectly.

"I think currently, in the normal weekend, I feel like there's too much practice," said pole-man Valtteri Bottas. "Everyone finds their ways and set-ups and the optimal things in terms of driving and the car set-up.

"If there would be a bit less practice, maybe some teams can get it right, some drivers can get it right, and some don't," he added. "I kind of like it with a bit less practice."

"I don't think we need to be here on Fridays," added teammate, Lewis Hamilton, "so it was totally fine for me."

"You would go a little bit faster," said Max Verstappen. "When you have little issues or whatever, you can go over it through a whole night," he continued, referring to the Friday sessions. "You can look at it back in the factory as well, work in the simulator and stuff but overall, like Valtteri said, we have a lot of practice.

"You also take your time to settle in. Now, that it's only one session you're straight away on it."

While F1 has long pushed for a two-day race weekend, it would be a blow to race promoters, many of whom rely solely on ticket sales for their income.

Furthermore, a number of teams have argued that having travelled to events it makes little sense to have running reduced to just two days.

No doubt Ross Brawn will share his wisdom on the subject in the post-race debrief.

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Published: 11/10/2020
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