Wolff: Ferrari would never have agreed to F1 role


In the aftermath of (former Ferrari team principal) Stefan Domenicali's appointment as the new CEO of Formula 1, Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff has shed new light on his talks with the sport's owners over the role.

Asked if he put himself forward for the role, the Austrian told reporters: "No, I didn't.

"Everybody knows that there were some initial discussions with Greg, and it never went anywhere," he added, referring to Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei.

"We get on well," he continued. "I respect Greg Maffei a lot for what he has achieved.

"But I love where I am, and I found out that I love the stopwatch so much, the competition and the racing, that where I am today, co-owner of the team with Mercedes, I have to pinch myself every single day.

"In the end, it wouldn't have gone anywhere anyway," he admits, "because Ferrari wouldn't have accepted that."

As is well known, along with the various financial agreements that up until now have seen Ferrari netting at least $100m each season before a wheel has even turned, the Italian team enjoys a powerful right of veto in terms of the rules and appointments to the board of F1.

"They have this right," said Wolff. "I respect it, absolutely. I would probably have had the same thoughts. At the end, maybe a different decision, because you've got to have the best guy to run the sport. But I think they have the best guy today.

"Stefano is just the real deal," he added. "He knows the sport inside out and I think sport comes first. He's going to stay away from, in my opinion, artificial things.

"He's a purist, but equally understands that you need to keep your spectators and your audiences interested. That balance is really complicated to have right, and I think he will get it right."

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Published: 27/09/2020
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