Team bosses welcome Domenicali's appointment


Even though they had known of Stefano Domanicali's appointment as the sport's new CEO, team bosses didn't want to be seen jumping the gun in terms of the official announcement.

Cue wry amusement therefore when certain team bosses described the appointment as "speculation" just minutes before F1 officially confirmed the news to the public.

"It's difficult to comment on something that it only a speculation for the time being," said Cyril Abiteboul, when asked about Domenicali's impending appointment.

"If it were to happen, Stefano obviously has plenty to offer in such a position," he continued. "He's got - I'm stating the obvious - a very good knowledge of the sport itself. He's got a good knowledge of how the sport can support a manufacturer. Lamborghini obviously not being in Formula 1 but he also knows probably why they are not in Formula 1.

"So, I guess he has a different, interesting perspective to offer in relation to that. What we need, I guess, is a very strong management as always.

"Without being too pessimistic about the direction that things are taking, there is a number of topics on the agenda of anyone coming into this position - whether it's Chase continuing in this position or someone new - because there are lots of topics. So we need someone very strong and someone committed, who knows the sport but also with a strong group of people around him and I hope that Chase stays also around because I think he has plenty to offer also in addition to a possible Stefano Domenicali - but again, it's only speculation."


"Stefano would be a great choice, for various reasons." added Andreas Seidl, who has previously worked with Domenicali. "First of all, purely down to all the different experiences he has made already in his working life. I think he has everything you need to have to run Formula 1.

"And then my personal experience also with Stefano, during my time at Porsche is simply that he's a great personality, a great character and I benefitted a lot also, working on special projects with him, from his experiences so we would definitely welcome Stefano taking over this position."

"Obviously the news about Stefano seems to be a fairly open secret," laughed Christian Horner. "If he takes that role, I think it's great for the sport. He's one of the good guys.

"Having competed against him, when he was the team principal of Ferrari, he has a lot of integrity, he was a racer, a competitor, he understands the business.

"Obviously he's spent life in a commercial world outside of Formula 1 for the last few years. He's done a great job at Lamborghini and I think that he would be a real asset to Formula 1.

"Obviously you would look at the make-up at the top end of the sport with Jean Todt, Ross Brawn and Stefano and it looks like a mid-1990s or early-2000s set-up, but I don't think that there's any particular bias or love towards Ferrari from any of those individuals, so I'm sure Stefano will be - if he takes the role - would be scrutinous in his impartiality."

"Stefano is the right person to lead the sport into its new era," said Zak Brown. "He has a rounded view and broad experience that equips him to build on the strong foundations Chase and his team have laid for the sport's continued development and growth. I look forward to working with him."

"We are very pleased that Chase's role will be entrusted to Stefano," added Domenicali's eventual successor at Ferrari. "His talents as a manager and especially his knowledge of the sport, combined with his experience and personal qualities, make him the ideal choice to carry on Chase's reforms.

"Personally, it will be a pleasure for me to work with a good friend, as we came through the ranks at Ferrari together. I look forward to working along with all the other stakeholders in this sport and with him to make Formula 1 even stronger and more spectacular."

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Published: 26/09/2020
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