Ferrari willing to drop 'duct-gate' appeal


In the wake of the stewards decision to fine Racing Point and deduct 15 championship points - which the Silverstone-based outfit wasted no time in reclaiming - Ferrari, along with Renault, McLaren and Williams announced that they intended appealing the decision.

The two British teams subsequently had a change of heart, as did Renault - the driving force behind the original investigation - after the French team was assured by the FIA and F1 that moving forward there would be clarity on the rules relating to copying.

While Racing Point is appealing the decision, arguing that it did nothing wrong, Ferrari is also pressing ahead, though speaking today Mattia Binotto said his team was willing to drop its appeal providing the FIA clarifies the rules.

"We have confirmed our protest so we have appealed the decision of the stewards of the past races," the Italian told reporters. "The reason is that we are fully convinced that what Racing Point did this season is not right. We believe that it is against the principle of our sport, and we believe that it cannot happen in the future.

"In that respect we are asking and seeking clarity from the FIA," he continued. "If, let me say, regulations will be put in place, or a technical directive for the future in 2021 where we are pretty sure it will not be possible to copy, we are ready to withdraw our appeal."

Copying has always been a part of the sport, however, Racing Point, with the 'assistance' of Mercedes appears to have taken this to a whole new level.

"Looking at competitors, trying to understand what they do, trying to study their car, has been part of F1 history," said Binotto. "I do not see anything bad in that. But to copy an entire design, that's a different experience, because that's IP.

"If I would have been Mercedes, I would have protested someone copying myself," he added. "Taking pictures has always been done, I do not see anything wrong in the fact itself."

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Published: 04/09/2020
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