FIA continues track limits crackdown


Ahead of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix, drivers have been warned that they will be penalised for exceeding the track limits at three different corners.

A lap time achieved during any practice session or the race by leaving the track and cutting behind the apex kerb of Turn 4, by leaving the track and cutting behind the painted kerb on the exit of Turn 9 or leaving the track and cutting behind the kerb on the exit of Turn 19, will result in that lap time and the immediately following lap time being invalidated by the stewards.

Each time any car passes behind the kerb, teams will be informed via the official messaging system and on the third occasion of a driver cutting behind the kerb at Turn 4, Turn 9 exit and Turn 19 exit during the race, he will be shown a black and white flag, and any further cutting will then be reported to the stewards.

For the avoidance of doubt this means a total of three occasions combined not three at each corner.

Turn 4 is the exit to Raidillon, while Turn 19 is the exit of the final chicane which leads on to the pit straight and has been the scene of many incidents over the years.

A number of changes have been carried out since last year's event, including extending the wall on the right hand side at the exit of Turn 1 and the placing of an additional kerb inside the existing kerb at Turn 2.

The four-row tyre barrier at the exit of Turn 4 has been extended, while all artificial grass around the track has been removed.

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Published: 27/08/2020
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