Engine mode ban a "positive" for Ferrari


While we await Toto Wolff's feelings on the matter, Ferrari star, Charles Leclerc admits that the forthcoming ban on engine modes - particularly the 'party mode' used t great effect in qualifying by Mercedes - will be a "positive" for his team, which, he insists, doesn't have such a mode.

"To be honest, I don't think it will affect us so much, so I think it can only be positive for us," said the Monegasque when asked about the ban.

"How much it will be beneficial, it's still to see," he added. "But for us, I can say that we don't have anything different from qualifying to the race. So, for us, it won't change anything."

"Let's wait and see what happens," said teammate Sebastian Vettel. "It always depends what you're able to pull off I guess. If you have something developed on your engine that you can probably run in certain amount of mileage with more power, more stress on the engine then, probably not the best news.

"But from where we are right now, as Charles said, it doesn't affect us," he added.

"I'd be disappointed to see it lost," said Williams driver, George Russell. "I think for every engine manufacturer, you've got a boost for qualifying.

"When you're within the car you've got the lowest amount of fuel you have for the whole weekend, you've got the fastest engine mode, you're the most pumped up and ready for that lap you're about to approach.

"Everything feels like a little bit extra and it allows you to just extract that bit more from the car, and it's such an exciting part of the weekend. You've got that one lap, give it full beans, and then just tune it down for the race.

"I'd be disappointed to see it gone."

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Published: 14/08/2020
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