Wolff leaps to Racing Point's defence


While everyone argues over the 'result' of the hearing into Renault's protests of the RP20, in terms of the 'get out of jail free' card the team has been given after the FIA gave it clearance to continue racing with a part it obtained 'illegally', some are already questioning Mercedes true involvement in the affair.

As is his wont, Toto Wolff was quick in terms of the smoke and mirrors in the aftermath of the ruling, pointing an accusatory finger at rivals.

"Obviously I know the case inside out," he told Sky Sports. "We were surprised in a way because there is a strong belief from everybody who is involved, all the lawyers that were part of this, that everything was perfectly within the regulations.

"The tricky bit is that in 2019 those parts were non-listed parts and they became listed parts," he continued. "The non-listed parts were supplied in 2019. Full stop, that is what the regulation says.

"I think the FIA wanted to come up with a solution that kind of lets everybody live. Now Racing Point is pretty upset, they believe they have a strong case and they have lawyers ready to go and appeal.

"On the other side, I see there is a group forming, a little revolution in every sense, and they are trying to go after Racing Point because I guess they are upset they haven't got the performance of Racing Point."

Asked about Mercedes' 'involvement', he said: "What benefit should Mercedes have by stepping even one inch over the line and suppyling them any parts that are listed? We wouldn't do that.

"It's some things that people make up in their minds because they are supposedly angry with themselves."

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Published: 07/08/2020
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