Hamilton contract talks on hold


Just hours after Mercedes confirmed that Valtteri Bottas would be remaining with the team for a fifth season, Lewis Hamilton revealed that his discussions with the German team are on hold.

"Honestly, it doesn't feel like the right time," he told reporters ahead of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix weekend. "When you think about so many people in the world who have lost their jobs, people are unemployed... to then sit and negotiate a big contract, it just doesn't seem like the most important thing that I need to apply time to right this second.

"The fact is that I do want to continue with this team," he continued, "and it's not a big effort for us to sit down and get it done. It's just right now I don't feel comfortable with it and I want to wait a little bit longer."

While the Briton is known for his activism, his failure to agree a new deal could lead to all manner of speculation.

"I'm not talking to anybody else," he insisted. "I'm looking forward to continuing a new chapter with the team in terms of how we educate ourselves and what we are going to do to help be more diverse and inclusive moving forward.

"So I'm super excited for what is possible to do with Mercedes-Benz and this team moving forward. At some stage it will get done, I'm not stressed.

Picking up on a theme he first mentioned a couple of months back, Hamilton believes that despite the curtailed calendar, winning the title this year would have special significance for him.

I think it's the most important year of my life to date with everything that's going on," he said. "I do think that it is a special year and I don't take that lightly.

"People ask where we get our motivation from," he continued, "and I think there are so many things to take inspiration from and to inspire us.

"To be fighting for a championship at a time like this is exciting and empowering with the thought that there might be change to follow. F1 is a pretty cool sport to be a part of, particularly now during this period when we have this awakening as a sport, and we need to do more to push for diversity and inclusivity.

"I think I'm probably most proud about that section, probably more than I am the rest of it."

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Published: 07/08/2020
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