Vettel warned on virus protocols


When a picture - subsequently removed - appeared on social media yesterday of Sebastian Vettel chatting with Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, most began speculating whether this might signify talks over a possible return to Red Bull for the 4-time world champion.

However in the eyes of F1 and FIA officials it represented the breaking of the strict protocols that have been put in place to ensure the season can continue in the face of the coronavirus.

The protocols dictate that teams exist within their own bubbles and do not interact with other teams - meaning that members of one team cannot visit another - and to make matters worse, as they happily chatted away none of the three was wearing a face mask or PPE and were not standing the required distance apart.

The FIA subsequently wrote to both Ferrari and Red Bull reminding them of the protocols.

While there is no fine or penalty for such an incident, the Code of Conduct that has been introduced makes clear that anyone who breaks the protocols can be banned from the event.

It states: "No individual is forced to agree to comply with this COVID-19 Code, and no individual will be sanctioned by the FIA for failing to do so; but any individual who does not agree to comply with this COVID-19 Code will not be granted access to and may not attend any Covered Event."

Earlier in the day F1 and the FIA revealed that in the previous 7 days, 4,032 tests had been carried out on members of the F1 paddock, with none of them proving positive for the virus.

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Published: 05/07/2020
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