Daimler reacts to "unfounded and irresponsible" media claims


The sleeping giant finally awoke today, when, following reports in the German media, the Mercedes F1 team's parent company, Daimler AG, put out a statement denying the claims that Toto Wolff is to step down as team boss at the end of the year and that the Brackley-based outfit is to leave F1.

"Speculation regarding a potential withdrawal from Formula 1 continues to be unfounded and irresponsible," said the German manufacturer.

"The sport has taken the right measures to address the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and its future financial sustainability, and we welcome these steps," it added.

"It is our clear intention to continue competing in Formula 1 as a Mercedes-Benz works team in the years to come, and to do so with our managing partner Toto Wolff."

All well and good, one may well think.

However, as is so often the case in F1, it is in the wording that matter... much as earlier this year when the sport was keen to differentiate between events being cancelled and events being postponed. To many there is little difference, but in terms of contracts and hosting fees there is a world of difference.

Fact is, we all know Mercedes is continuing in F1 beyond this season. Not necessarily the F1 team of course, but rather the engine manufacturer. In which case, Mercedes most certainly will continue competing.

As for Toto, again it is all somewhat ambiguous, for there was no suggestion that Mr Wolff is leaving F1 but rather stepping down from his current role.

After months of silence, either Mercedes or Daimler had to speak out and address the speculation, but, as we say, it's in the wording.

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Published: 29/05/2020
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