Tost: Vettel can win another title


For those who remain unconvinced by virtual racing, the coming weeks will surely be spent either pondering what sort of calendar Chase and the gang will put together, or what Sebastian Vettel has planned for 2021 and beyond.

With Mercedes and Red Bull looking highly unlikely, Renault would appear to be his only option, though some point to Racing Point and others believe the German could take a year out ahead of the 2022 rules overhaul.

Franz Tost, who was in charge at Toro Rosso when Vettel gave the Italian team its first ever pole position and subsequently converted it into the team's first win, believes the German can still win titles, however he admits that he needs to be in one of the big three teams to do so.

"The end of something always means the start of something," he tells the official F1 website. "It really depends on what seat he gets.

"To fight for a championship, Sebastian Vettel is a driver of the calibre who can do this," he continues. "He needs to get a seat in the first three teams. Then he has a real chance to win races and another championship. I know Sebastian quite well, and that is for sure his main target.

"He is not a driver who just wants to be on the starting grid," said the Austrian. "If we're doing a race now, he wants to win a race. It depends how the ingredients he will get together to achieve the goal.

"From the financial side, I don't think he needs to continue racing, but drivers who have won championships, they don't think so much of the money. Their motivation is to win races, to be successful. That's the motivation, not the money.

"He's only 32 years old, he's a very high-skilled driver, and if he gets the correct package, if he's sitting in a Ferrari, Red Bull or Mercedes, he's still able to win races, and I'm also quite sure he can win another championship, it depends on which team he can drive for."

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Published: 18/05/2020
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