F1 "committed to bringing fans a championship season"


Updating fans who have bought tickets for this year's races, F1 insists that it is "committed to bringing fans a championship season" in 2020, details of which will be published in "due course".

"In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation Formula 1 has announced a number of race postponements in the interests of safety for our fans, the communities we visit and the F1 community," said F1 in a statement today. "As stated recently our intention is to start the 2020 season at some point this summer.

"At this time no-one can be certain of exactly when the situation will improve, but when it does, we will be ready to go racing again. We are all committed to bringing our fans a 2020 Championship Season."

With the sport effectively in limbo, F1 is having to rely on virtual racing which has attracted a number of drivers, but not the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas or Sebastian Vettel. Online betting is also gaining interest among fans especially as there are now numerous users reviews about online bookies.

"Formula 1 is currently working with our promoters on a revised 2020 calendar with the actual sequence and schedule dates for races likely to differ significantly from our original 2020 calendar.

"This will be published in due course," it adds, at a time the French and Belgian Grands Prix are all but officially postponed and the promoter of the Italian Grand Prix is warning against another Melbourne-style fiasco.

"As previously announced, we will utilise the summer break being brought forward to March/April to race during the normal summer break period, and anticipate the season end date will extend beyond our original end date of 27-29th November.

"If you bought tickets for races that have been postponed or cancelled through F1Tickets.com, F1 Paddock Club and F1 Experiences, we are currently working with each race promoter on the transfer and refund options available to you. We are working at speed to finalise those options and will be in contact with you.

"Ticket holders who did not purchase through those routes should get the latest information on transfers or refunds through their point of purchase, either the relevant ticket reseller or the promoter’s official website as transfer or refund processes may differ for each race. For races not postponed ticket holders’ tickets remain valid."

In all honesty, with absolutely no end to the pandemic in sight, and some countries easing their lockdowns while others remain firmly in place, a schedule at this point in time is wishful thinking.

Indeed, as we have said before, one wonders who FOM is really trying to convince.

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Published: 16/04/2020
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