iGaming industry and Formula One Relationships


Car racing is among the most popular activities in the UK, these have made the sport grow to a greater extent that there is a great need for it to be used as a marketing or rather advertising platform.

In its popularity, Formula One competition has got a number of posh cars available for sports including the likes of McLaren, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari.

These brands have been known for their good performance for a long time and they have a huge number of lovers too. The gambling companies had a nice privilege in this partnership in that they could easily showcase their products for sale including the type of services they are offering.

In their company is the International Sports Group who turns out to be the main brand ambassadors whose main activity is to ensure a variety of the agreed regulations are adhered to. In the relationship, both parties are set to benefit as Formulae one benefits from the huge amounts of revenue once it enters the market for online casino betting.

Betting on the Races and E-sports

The sportscar racing is yet to be accompanied by a number of engaging activities. Apart from car racing, there is a good potential for gambling niche and Formula One partnership. The sponsorship signed by the two companies is yet to benefit both of the parties in a greater way as for example the introduction of the e-sport channel was in 2017 which included gathering fans and players.

Since then, the channel has grown to a larger extent as it has a total of about 60000 players on board with a number of new fans still joining the crew. There are a lot of European casinos available for UK players that still grow in popularity. These numbers have been increasing day in day out and we see it grow larger and larger. People can now bet during a racing activity as we have a variety of games to choose from ranging from the slots to the table games, cards and bingo. Betting on the races has also been equally applauded by many making it gaming more popular as time goes by.

Gambling Partnership and Sponsorship

Formula one has agreed to enter into a $100 million deal to add in-race betting and other gambling partners in the program. The sponsorship shall mainly deal with a sports marketing company that is set the development of live in-play betting at the Grand Prix. Interregional Sports Group will have an extended right to sub-license betting partnership rights to select betting brands all over the world.

The deed shall also entail the service Sports radar which is also on board assisting ISG and other gambling companies. All these shall be used to create markets and spot any other suspicious patterns that need to be keenly observed. Fans are the greatest beneficiaries as they are set to receive an exciting and safe betting experience that will improve to better levels as time goes by.

Formula one has a nice fixture that is going to accommodate a number of matches as it is a number of about 21 races starting from March to November. The biggest betting owners are interested in these deals. Although the fixture may not accommodate many a number of sports shall be available. This could be as a result of the strict gambling regulations which may not apply to most of them.


This was part of the good news we have had this very season despite the coronavirus that is disrupting our day to day operations. We hope the pandemic shall come to an end so that our sporting activities move on in the right manner. The great deal between the two companies is to set the company at a different notch for progressive development.

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Published: 31/03/2020
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