FIA's World Motor Sport Council fully supports FIA's handling of 'flow-gate'


In a shock move, the FIA's World Motor Sport Council has today given its "unanimous support" for the FIA President and FIA Technical Department's handling of the investigation into Ferrari's 2019 power unit.

"The Council expressed unanimous support for the FIA President and the FIA Technical Department in regard to the overall management of the case, and strongly opposed any comments that undermine the reputation and image of the FIA and the Formula One World Championship," said the World Motor Sport Council in a brief statement following today's meeting in Geneva.

At the same meeting, in terms of the 2020 technical regulations, the council approved an increase in minimum mass from 745 kg to 746 kg due to the addition of new elements to monitor the power units... these new elements being the result of the investigation into Ferrari's 2019 power unit.

A change to the 2020 sporting regulations was approved to allow for unrestricted variations to driver helmet designs between races. Furthermore, it was clarified that the end of season test at Abu Dhabi will be using 18" 2021 Pirelli tyres.

A number of updates to the 2021 Technical Regulations were approved, including:

Changes to the front wing profiles to prevent downwash which would have resulted in a severe compromise to the overall objectives to allow cars to race more closely

Front wing endplates, top bodywork and rear wing endplates have been modified to give the teams more commercial space

Drastic improvements to the strength and energy absorption of the chassis in front, lateral and rear impacts.

A number of updates to considerably improve electrical (high voltage) safety on the cars

Tethers will be mandated for rear wing and rear impact structures

Finally, Kulite has been appointed as the official supplier for power unit pressure and temperature sensors in the 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons.

In relation to the coronavirus, Professor Gérard Saillant, President of the FIA Medical Commission, gave a detailed presentation on the development of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

An FIA Crisis Cell has been established and convenes every second day to consider the latest developments around the world. The FIA continues to closely monitor the situation and its implications, together with its Member Clubs and Promoters, and follows the advice of relevant authorities including Governments and the World Health Organization. The FIA will evaluate the calendar of its forthcoming competitions and take any action required to help protect the global motor sport community and the wider public, including the postponement of competitions where necessary.

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Published: 06/03/2020
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