Red Bull gives sneak preview of RB16


Ahead of its track debut today, Red Bull has given a sneak preview of its 2020 contender, the RB16, the car with which Max Verstappen and Alex Albon will (hopefully) take the fight to Ferrari and Mercedes.

Last year, while the Austrian outfit spent the season continually developing its car, so too Honda was constantly developing its power unit.

Admittedly, the team was one of several seemingly caught on the back foot by the front wing regulations. Indeed, it was really not until a revised version was fitted in Austria that the team got on top of the problem.

While Verstappen's dismissal of Vettel in Melbourne was clear proof of the progress that Honda had made, it was some time before the entire package came together, but when it did...

Though Mercedes remains the benchmark and Ferrari continues to do what it always does - and that's not a positive thing - Red Bull and Honda have the opportunity to finally take the fight to its German rival in terms of a sustained title bid.

That said, with the big three already focussing on 2021, 2020 is going to be all about spending and strength, and in that department the Three Pointed Star would appear to have the advantage.

Verstappen, who claimed three wins in 2019, will drive the car at Silverstone today, with Albon having to wait until next week's test in Barcelona.

More to follow

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Published: 12/02/2020
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