The Megaways Engine Explained


Since the casino industry branched out online it has become more popular than ever.

With loads of casino sites on offer, players can now choose from millions of games, bonuses, and promotions to keep themselves entertained. Each casino site offers loads of games to every visitor. These sites feature the classic versions of many casino games as well as other variants of them. So when one visits an online casino one finds more than one version of poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat.

Slot machines went over a lot of changes too. They were turned into slot games and these casino games became an instant hit. Slot games are the easiest games to learn in an online casino which is why they're so popular. Free spins are also a common feature of these games which is why they're so popular. Online slots have more paylines than a regular slot machine and these games underwent a change when the Megaways engine was introduced.

What Is the Megaways Engine?

Before the invention of Megaways, there was only a set amount of sequences that players needed to get so they could get a prize. Megaways was the engine that changed all that. This random modifier changes the number of the slot symbols that appear on each slot on every spin. This means that the players get a lot of chances to win since the number of sequences is increased. This way of counting lines was invented by Big Time Gaming and the company has produced a lot of popular games with this engine played by many people online.

How Does It Work?

Having more sequences on offer means more ways that you can win which is alright in any player's book. To get a winning sequence all you need to do is get a match on one of the available sequences. With Megaways you can get a winning combination by matching symbols next to each other from left to right regardless of their size. These symbols don't need to be linked to one another to make a win as is the case with traditional slots.

Sometimes the winning symbol of a combination can trigger a reaction which leads to the other symbols in the combination to be removed from the reels and replaced with new ones. If the new ones match a sequence the player gets rewarded and if they don't the game moves on. All the payouts from games that feature Megaways are multiplied by the stake amount so players walk away with some big prizes.

Why Are Megaways Games so Popular?

Big Time Gaming is a company that has provided online casinos with a few amazing titles and the whole gambling community with a wonderful engine. Thanks to Megaways slot enthusiasts now have a better chance at earning prizes. The number of sequences that the engine provides players with is great but it isn't easy to get them right. However, when a player matches a sequence then they get the prize they have been waiting for. Because of this feature, Megaways games have been compared to jackpot games and it's why they'll continue to be played in the future.

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Published: 16/01/2020
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