Ferrari has lost engine power claims Hamilton


In recent weeks the never-ending cry from rivals has been about the straight-line speed of the Ferrari courtesy of the fact that its engine is now considered the most powerful.

Combined with an improvement in terms of aerodynamic efficiency, the only thing that has prevented the Scuderia from totally dominating has been driver errors, reliability, poor strategy and some outstanding performances from rivals.

Its run of poles at an end, it is noticeable that this weekend Ferrari doesn't appear to have the power advantage witnessed at previous races and Lewis Hamilton believes that the FIA is responsible.

In the wake of Red Bull's call for the FIA to investigate whether the Maranello outfit was exploiting a loophole in the regulations concerning fuel flow, a technical directive was issued to all teams this week and as if by magic the Italian team appeared to lose some of its previous advantage.

"What's come out this week is quite interesting to see," said Hamilton. "Obviously today, I think they've lost a bit of power.

"It will be interesting to see how that continues or how that reflects in the race tomorrow," he continued. "They are still quicker than us generally on the straights.

"Hopefully our car will be strong throughout the race. Yesterday's running was good and today was a little difficult. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day."

"Certainly the three teams were much closer together in terms of straight line performance here in the US," added Toto Wolff. "But I wouldn't say this is down to any specific event. It's just a fact that we've won our first pole position since July, since Hockenheim, and we were really in the mix."

Asked about the technical directive, he said: "I think it's very strong that the FIA issued a TD clarifying the situation, with some very clear wording. But this is a process that is standard, it's happened before, and part of the role of the governing body."

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Published: 03/11/2019
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