2021 regulations are a "starting point", says Binotto


Though Ferrari has voted in the 2021 regulations, as revealed by F1 bosses and the FIA on Thursday, team boss, Mattia Binotto admits that the rules the Italian team voted for are merely a starting point.

"We believe it is the right moment to look for a discontinuity, for our sport," said the Italian, whose team has a seat on the World Motor Sport Council which approved the rules, "it has to be sustainable, we are all aware of that.

"We need to work hard as well in the future on a more sustainable, green, as well, sport," he continued.

"There is a still much to work on," he admitted, "so if there is anything, I would avoid to say that it is locked down. I think this is still at a starting point where altogether now we need to collaborate, improve furthermore what is certainly a good set of regulations, but still much to develop, improve and certainly as well, looking at a more sustainable sport in the future, on the power unit, on the fuel, whatever can be done.

"I think that's a responsibility we've all got together. So far, we collaborate well with FIA and F1 but still much to do."

"It's an important milestone but," agreed Cyril Abiteboul, "there is so much more to be one.

"I would still acknowledge a number of innovations in this set of regulations," he continued, "because there will be a new set of regulations with the financial regulations that will complement technical and sporting. Otherwise it's a compromise. Some people would have liked it to be a bit different, maybe a bit more open or a budget cap a bit lower, things like that - but it's a first step, in my opinion a good step, it's in Renault's opinion a step that's going in the right direction for a sustainable sport, so let's see what's coming next but it's good now that we have clarity on what's coming up for 2021. We can all now start building this beautiful car, and start spending towards this new regulation."

"From a Williams perspective we're delighted that that new regulations were approved by the World Motor Sport Council," said Claire Williams. "They're everything that we've wanted to see from the various perspectives, whether they be technical and most clearly the financial regulations that are coming on board for 2021 are exactly where we wanted to be.

"We understand that they're a first step, moving forward but they're certainly a right step in the direction that we wanted to ensure that the sport - but also teams like ours - remain sustainable for the future. We're all very aware of how unsustainable at the moment Formula 1 is from a cost perspective. So, to have a level of cost-capping at this first juncture is really important to teams like ours. I don't think that can be underestimated.

"The technical regulations as well are a step in the right direction. I think there's probably some tweaking to do - but I think certainly as a first step they're exactly what we wanted to see."

"It's a good day for Formula 1," insisted Zak Brown. "I think it's going to be exciting, 2021, because there'll be much change.

"I think through this process, the Formula 1 teams got closer relationships with each other, which is something that, while we certainly still don't all agree on everything, I think relationships have been built for the better of the sport. I also think working with Chase and Ross and the FIA, that's been a good process.

"I'm sure we all would like to see some things modified," he admitted, "but that's always going to be the case. In our case, I think the budget cap, there was one area we would like to have seen something more aggressive, quicker, it would have been that, but it is what it is and I think most importantly we have clear direction moving forward."

Asked if at any time Ferrari had considered using its infamous veto, he said: "As we said, we voted in favour, so we are happy with the new set of regulations or if not happy then we are at least convinced it is the right way to go.

"Did we consider it in the past? I think as many times we answered to the same question, for us it was more important to collaborate with F1 and the FIA to makes sure that by the end of October we got the best package to be voted and I think that's where we put our focus and put our effort."

Following criticism in recent weeks from the Italian team, along with Mercedes and Red Bull, Binotto was asked if there are any areas of the new rules that he feels need further work.

"No big issues," he said. "Certainly all the teams will start developing the cars for 2021 and put more effort and I'm pretty sure by putting more effort into it we will find out eventually some areas that will need to be further improved. But I think what will be important is the process of discussions, the process of regs modifications, which means as well a governance we need to put in place and that will be key from now to the start of 2021 and the earlier we do that the better it will be."

Renault boss, Cyril Abiteboul said that it is important "to confirm all details of the governance, because in order to make changes as we develop the cars and as we face some unknowns or some loopholes, we need to see how we can fix what is missing from the regulations.

"The other aspect, the other chapter that is maybe not developed enough is maybe the roadmap on the engine side," he admitted. "We exactly know where we are on 2021, but fuel, bio-fuel, freeze, partial freeze, progressive freeze, complete freeze?

"In our opinion those aspects need to be addressed so that the economic side of the engine activity is also sustainable - just as sustainable as the chassis side."

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Published: 02/11/2019
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