F1 set to abolish Strategy Group and F1 Commission


Hot on the heels of Ross Brawn's revelation that two teams blocked the proposal to introduce reverse grids and qualifying races at a number of events next season - the proposal needing the agreement of all teams - it appears that F1 is seeking to wrest back some of the power by scrapping both the F1 Commission and the Strategy Group.

Along with the FIA and F1, the Strategy Group comprises Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams, along with the team that finished highest the previous season, Renault, which finished fourth last year, being the current representative.

While F1 and the FIA have six votes, the six teams have one apiece.

As part of the major overhaul planned for the sport, the powers-that-be are seeking to introduce a new governance process which would comprise ten representatives from F1 and the FIA along with each of the ten teams.

However, unlike the current process - as has been seen with the rejection of the proposal for reverse grids - unanimity would not be required.

In the case of more immediate decisions a majority vote of at least 28 would be required, while decisions needed for the following season would require just 25 votes.

Though all teams are currently allowed to attend meetings of the Strategy Group, those four that are not members can only listen and are not allowed any say. While those four team do have a say in terms of the F1 Commission however, they find themselves up against other participants including Pirelli and race promoters.

Ironically, as is ever the case with F1, the decision to scrap the old system and introduce the new governance system has yet to be ratified.

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Published: 27/10/2019
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