Carey talks up F1's environmental aims


Already in its sixth year, Formula One's hybrid formula is a technical success, especially in terms of efficiency and reliability, not to mention outright grunt.

Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Chase Carey said that as the sport moves forward it will play a key role in tackling carbon emissions

"The Formula 1 hybrid engine is the most efficient in the world and has a critical role to play to address the wider global environmental issue," he said.

"I think the solution to the environmental situation is going to be many and not just one," he continued, "and while I appreciate electric has got the attention and has hit a sweet spot at the moment, I think electric will be part of the solution but has issues such as battery disposal that still need to be addressed.

"We believe the hybrid engine and fuel technologies can play a big role, a leading role, in the addressing the issue of carbon emissions," he added. "We believe the solution will be a path of many rather than one cure-all."

His comments come just a day after Mercedes revealed its Formula E team, the world champions joining a number of the world's other major car manufacturers in the all-electric series.

And as it is revealed that Ferrari, which has expressed no interest in Formula E, admits that it considers the series could be a threat to F1, yesterday Mercedes revealed that it requires 18 (fossil fuel powered) trucks to transport its motorhome around the various European Grand Prix venues.

Interestingly, while saying that Formula One will aid the battle to tackle carbon emissions, Carey spoke of the role the sport has played in the development of road cars over the years, a claim that is somewhat debatable.

"Formula 1 and its history, the pinnacle of motorsport, has played a leading role in road cars," he Carey. "Computers, safety or aero have all come from Formula 1 innovation, and road car developments, such as plug in hybrids, have benefitted from F1 innovation and technology.

"We will also be moving forward on addressing environmental issues across the sport including our events off the track. It is going to be a major initiative for us and we are quite excited about our ability to play a leadership role and that’s what Formula 1 has always been, a leader in initiatives that lead to the auto world."

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Published: 13/09/2019
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