2021 rules key to Alonso return


The sight of Fernando Alonso on the pit-wall at Monza yesterday must have sent shivers down the backs of a few drivers… and possibly a few team bosses and engine manufacturers.

The Spaniard, arguably one of the finest talents to grace the sport, despite his 'baggage' is currently eyeing a Dakar Rally outing with Toyota next year, his Triple Crown dream having taken a knock amidst McLaren's Indy 500 shambles earlier in the year.

While the Woking outfit is now heading across the pond for a fully-fledged IndyCar programme, the Spaniard has not been mentioned, though he remains an ambassador for the team.

Asked at Monza, whether he would consider a return to F1, the Spaniard admitted that much depends on the planned regulation changes for 2021.

"I need to figure out a couple of different challenges away from Formula 1," he told Sky Sports. "They're not yet finished, like the Indy 500 and other stuff.

"In 2021, with the new regulations, it's a good mix," he continued, "a different Formula 1 than we see now.

"The reasons I left Formula 1 are still present," he added, "with the domination of one team and races too predictable, but in 2021 there's a chance it could change and could be a good opportunity.

"Any other sport is more unpredictable than Formula 1," he insisted. "If you see MotoGP, if you see Indy, so I think there still some things that need changing. I think the new regulations are made for that, to level the field a little bit and to have a bit more options there.

"The only bad thing is the calendar," he admitted, "22 races is non-stop, it's quite demanding, so let's see. I'm getting old."

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Published: 07/09/2019
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