Wolff: Right decision to delay rules


Like Brexit, the presentation - far less the rubber stamping - of the definitive 2021 rules and regulation package has seen many false starts.

Over the Canadian Grand Prix weekend it appeared that a number of teams were seeking to prevent a move to have the presentation of the rules delayed, like Brexit, until October.

Despite the rhetoric however, following a meeting of the teams with the FIA and F1 bosses ahead of Friday's meeting of the World Motor Sport Council it was agreed that the presentation would be delayed and as a result the only F1-related business resulting from the WMSC meeting concerned the awarding of super licence points for rookies participating in Friday practice sessions.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has defended the decision to delay the presentation of the rules, even though there is doubt whether Mercedes - certainly as we currently know it - will still be competing in 2021.

"We agreed to postpone the presentation of the 2021 regulations until October, giving us all more time to work on them to achieve our shared goals," he says.

"Formula One is the undisputed pinnacle of motorsports; every weekend, millions of fans around the globe share our excitement about racing. We want to use the unique opportunity of the 2021 regulations to make the series even more exciting for the fans, to make the racing more competitive and to grow the sport globally.

"Finding the right compromise between the various stakeholders is not easy," he admits in a masterpiece of understatement, "but we're united in our passion for racing and our will to define a set of rules that will see Formula One thrive in the next decade."

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Published: 19/06/2019
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