F1 should be more challenging says Hamilton


Normally the official FIA press conference brings nothing of note, certainly where the drivers are concerned. While the newcomers look out at the media like rabbits caught in the headlights, the seasoned old-timers beside them know the name of the game, never saying anything likely to rock the F1 boat.

However, when Lewis Hamilton was asked today if the drivers should have more say in the way the sport is developed, the five-time world champion was uncharacteristically outgoing.

"If I had a choice, I would go back to V12 naturally aspirated engines, manual gearboxes and make it harder for the drivers," the Briton told reporters. "Take away all these big run-off areas that you have everywhere.

"You should not have steering assist," he continued, clearly warming to the subject, "or even if you do you've got to have it low... I like having it low so it's harder for me.

"You should be so physically exhausted after the race, it should be exhausting like a marathon," he added. "I could probably do two or three races in a row and Formula 1 should not be like that.

"It's a man's sport and a lot of youngsters come in and it's quite easy for them to get straight into it. I think it should be the most physically challenging and probably why a lot of us drivers are able to go for a long period of time is because we can handle it.

"If you look over the last twelve years and beyond that they always shift and change the regulations for the car, try to improve costs, try to improve overtaking and I think in general the decisions have not been great in all of those years," he admitted. "Liberty has taken over now and you still have the same issues. People are not so excited, we still have that separation between all the top wealthier teams and the lower teams."

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Published: 06/06/2019
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