Horner: No chance of 2021 rules agreement by deadline


Though nobody was willing to go into specifics following last week's presentation of the sport's rules package for 2021, the general consensus is that there will not be agreement in time for the June deadline.

"No chance," Red Bull boss Christian Horner laughed when asked by Sky Sports. "Absolutely no chance.

"There is an energy driving things forward at the moment," he continued, "and it's about time. Hopefully during the next few weeks we can get results

"It will be this year," he insisted, "but there are so many factors to tidy up like income, costs, technical regulations."

While much of the focus has been on the financial aspect of the proposals, such as the budget cap, bonuses and the division of the prize pot - which for some teams will be like winning at bestcasinositesonline.com, yet see others lose out heavily, Horner believes that holding off on the technical regulations for now isn't a bad thing.

"I actually think the technical regulations being released too soon is going to cost more money anyway," he said, "so perhaps at the end of the year would be a better time to release the technical regulations. Otherwise some teams would basically stockpile, bring resources in and specialist teams on these new regulations. So I think it coming out later would be better.

"As long as it is by December, I think that would be fine," he insisted, "then it is not too late for the little teams and not too late for the big teams."

"It's always difficult to know if the late publication of the regulations will help the small teams or the big teams," said Alfa Romeo boss, Fred Vasseur, "because they're also able to develop much faster than us and it's not an easy goal or an easy way to decide.

"For me it's not just a matter of timing, it's also a matter of being sure about what we are doing," he admitted. "It's much better to take this kind of decision than to publish something a bit later. We are not in a rush to publish something on the 27th of June. It's not the big part of the deal."

"We'll just react accordingly, as other racing teams will," said Zak Brown. "Obviously if you start earlier, you get a bigger head start, it also gives the ability to maybe spend more money, which the big teams have.

"So, if it's June, August, December, it doesn't really matter, it'll be the same for all ten teams and we'll all respond accordingly."

"The big teams will always be in a better position," said Guenther Steiner, looking like he'd lost out at pokie pop, "because, in theory, they should be in even a better position if we start later because then they can throw even more in a short time, emphasis on it. So it's neither here nor there.

"At some stage we just have to have to come to a conclusion that we get started and get going. Keep it practical and don't discuss, or maybe get a little bit of an advantage because that is why we don't decide. From our side, if we start in June, fine, if we start in December, fine as well. We will not have a big opinion about either of it."

"The main topic is not to spend even more money," said Franz Tost, "because the earlier the new regulation is being published, the earlier the teams start to investigate this new regulation and spend a hell of a lot of money for the development. Which means, if the new regulation comes out in June, this year teams immediately will be concentrated to build up engineering groups to investigate this new regulation and to start with the different tests and simulations, just to get an advantage out of it.

"We will see where we end up."

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Published: 02/04/2019
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